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Pig and Dog

The Pig and the Dog can make a grand match, due to their mutually sunny demeanors and good intentions. The Dog sometimes slips into a testy mood and needs to spend some time alone to recuperate, but the Pig is an affable sign that generally tries to let others live as they please, so the Dog’s moods shouldn’t be much of a problem. The Pig sometimes allows itself to be taken advantage of, in fact, due to its urge to please; that isn’t likely to be a problem with the Dog, since the Dog is an honorable, trustworthy sign that holds itself to high standards of conduct.

As lovers these two could get along very well. The Pig is a sensualist who delights in creature comforts: good food, lovemaking, long baths and naps … While the Dog generally possesses higher energy and a more adventurous spirit than the Pig, it will delight in how well-loved it feels in the Pig’s hands. Both these signs place great importance on home and family; they will connect on those levels. There may be problems between these two as a result of their differing energy levels, but the Pig’s good nature and the Dog’s powers of diplomacy can work together to smooth over almost any problem. Also, the Dog in love is very protective of its mate, which the Pig will greatly appreciate.

If these two are in business together the Dog may make the most natural front person, with that high energy and diplomatic spirit; the Pig is a hard worker and takes direction well, so can serve as the Dog’s right-hand man, so to speak. The Dog is a hard worker as well, especially when interested in the work, so these two would do well to choose a business that allows the Dog to take plenty of business trips. The Pig’s stable nature will greatly enhance the company, as will the Dog’s honesty.

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