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Pig and Horse

The Pig and the Horse can make a good pair if they both commit themselves to some extra work at understanding their differences. These two might be very attracted to one another; the Horse is always noticeable in social situations, being a fun and witty type that naturally seeks out the spotlight. The Horse exudes a raw sexual magnetism that the Pig, possessing a sensual nature, will respond to. The Pig is also quite generous and honorable and tends to see only the best parts of others’ natures. However, the longer the relationship goes on between these two the more each sign will have to make efforts to be accommodating.

As lovers these two might run into problems, especially if they live together. The Pig generally wants things quiet and, above all, steady. Those are about the opposite of the Horse’s preferred state of being; this sign has high energy and a quick mind that moves from one thing to the next at an alarming pace. The Horse tends to fall in love with love and, at the beginning of the relationship, will woo the Pig with sensual, romantic delights; however, after a time the Horse may begin to lose interest, at which point its innate restlessness will set in again. The Pig holds close friends and family most dear and may take it quite hard if the Horse decides to leave. The Pig can also be rather vindictive when it feels it has been wronged by a lover.

Both the Pig and the Horse are hard workers when the work is something they believe in; the trick for these two as business partners is to find work that interests both of them, lest the Horse lose interest prematurely and move on. The Pig will work most naturally behind the scenes, allowing the Horse to serve as front person with its witty, gregarious personality. The Pig will appreciate the Horse’s ingenuity, if not its unpredictability.

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