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Pig and Monkey

The Pig and the Monkey can have a lot of fun together. Both these signs are generally happy, positive types and both are sensualists, albeit the Monkey in a bit more of a decadent way than the Pig. The Pig loves fine foods, luscious surroundings, lovemaking, even simple pleasures like sleeping in a comfortable bed and taking a long bubble bath. The Monkey is more decadent than this in that its interests are less home-based and more centered in party atmospheres and big, noisy crowds in which anything can happen. To the Pig, family and close friends are the most important things in life; to the Monkey, the pursuit of pleasure is the important thing.

As lovers, then, the Monkey might spend some time trying to convince the Pig to go out rather than staying in; after all, the Monkey is definitely a sexual being but doesn’t want to spend hours on end in the bedroom. After a while, though, the Monkey will tire of trying to motivate the Pig and will go out on its own. The Pig will have to be ready to compromise, since the Monkey isn’t too flexible. The good thing is, when in love, the Pig is a very generous, acquiescent sign who wants nothing more than to please its mate; the bad thing is, this trait sometimes leads to the Pig allowing itself to be taken advantage of. The Monkey would never knowingly mistreat the Pig but might not be very careful either.

As business partners, these two can create a business that is both solid and prosperous if they can be sure to utilize both signs’ strengths. The Monkey loves to be in control and will naturally take over as front person, the one to speak up in meetings with new clients and wow everyone with its know-how and fearlessness. The Pig is a hard worker who takes direction well, but will have to work to keep the Monkey from taking unwise risks.

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