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Pig and Ox

The Pig and the Ox are a good match, especially if their relationship is amorous! When these two signs come together, their sensualist natures come to the fore; together they might spend entire days lolling around in the bed or the bath, giving one another massages, eating rich, delicious meals and napping the hours away. It’s not that either sign is lazy — both are very hard workers, in fact, the Ox in its practical, methodical way and the Pig in its dedication to its goals. The Ox loves to create a calm, harmonious home life, which fits in well with the Pig’s cultured sensuality. The Pig can really draw the Ox out of its shell and help it get in touch with its luxurious side. The Pig is also happy to stay home at night with the Ox, who is rather shy and generally prefers stay-in, one-on-one dates to going out and socializing with a crowd.

If the relationship between these two signs is business-oriented, their business is likely to be quite successful and their office very tastefully designed. The Pig will work very hard for any cause it believes in, a quality that the Ox will appreciate. Virtually born for hard work, the Ox likes to spend the time and focus needed to get things done right the first time. The Pig is something of a perfectionist and will greatly appreciate the Ox’s abilities. The Pig tends to see only the best in others, and in the Ox, the best is this Sign’s dependable, trustworthy nature, its natural integrity and high ideals. The Ox would never take advantage of the gregarious, sometimes-gullible Pig, as other signs might. The Pig will lean gratefully on the sturdy Ox in times of need. The problem between these two may be their mutual stubborn streaks. The Pig loves to get its own way and the Ox finds it very difficult to change directions midstream or give in to someone else’s point of view when it feels strongly about its own.

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