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Pig and Pig

Two Pigs can be a very loving and compatible match, as two of this sign share the same love of family and sensual comforts. Pigs delight in rich foods, lovemaking, long baths and naps … Two together may not get much done, practically speaking, but they will enjoy their time together immensely. Two Pigs enjoy their connection most if the relationship is personal, so two of this sign make wonderful lovers, family members or best friends.

As lovers the Pigs’ relationship will likely take place mostly at home, rather than out on the town, and will focus on making one another feel as wonderful, as full and as rich as possible. If these two live together their home will be very comfortable and perhaps luxurious, with plenty of places to sit or lie down. Bath products make a great gift for this couple! When in love, Pigs are even more generous and affable than normal and will bend over backward to make their lover purr with pleasure. The only problem that may exist here is that two Pigs spend so much time together experiencing with all the senses that they often forget to talk, to express themselves verbally. Thus, misunderstandings sometimes result between these two and, though the Pig is generally very good-natured, this sign can be quite fearsome when angry.

If these two are business partners they must choose work that they both believe in; otherwise they may not work quite as hard. Pigs are not lazy, mind you; they are capable of much dedicated effort, but they must believe in the reasons to make that effort. The office shared by these two will be quite comfortable and inviting and may even be equipped with a napping room or a sauna! Clients and associates will be served tea and made generally comfortable when visiting the Pigs at work.

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