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Pig and Rooster

The Pig and the Rooster may need lots of mutual understanding to get along smoothly, since their differences aren’t exactly complementary. The Rooster is likely to find the Pig’s sensualist nature to be excessive; the Rooster abhors messes and to this ultra-practical sign, anything beyond bare necessity could constitute a mess. The Pig is generally an easy-going sign that gives in to stronger personalities, which may have to be the case with the Rooster. The Rooster likes to be in charge, to keep everything and everyone in order, and this sign has its work cut out for it with the luxury-loving Pig.

If these two are lovers, their smooth communication might rely, again, on the Pig’s affable nature. Especially if these two live together, conflict is almost a certainty. The Pig loves creature comforts: fine food, lovemaking, sleeping in a deliciously soft bed … The Rooster loves practicality and perfection and can’t tolerate laziness. The Pig isn’t lazy; this sign is actually very hardworking, but the Rooster may mistake its sensuality for indolence. The saving grace between these two as lovers may be their mutual dedication when in love. The Rooster is very loyal to its intimates and the Pig makes a generous, dedicated mate.

These two might fare far better in business together, where their individual strengths can best be utilized. The Rooster, of course, will want to be in charge of things. This sign’s practical mind is perfectly suited to managing finances or any other job where details are key. The Pig is a very hard worker who takes direction well; this sign is well suited to helping carry out the Rooster’s plans. Also, the Pig will likely be instrumental as a liaison between the Rooster and potential new clients or associates, as the Rooster can sometimes ruffle others’ feathers with its exacting ways.

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