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Rabbit and Dog

The Rabbit and the Dog can forge a fine, strong bond between them, based on mutual trust and appreciation. The timid, shy Rabbit is often overrun by more powerful or boisterous signs, but the Dog has an innate sense of honor and would never take advantage of the Rabbit or its timidity. The Dog tends to have trouble trusting people but the Rabbit will never give it cause for suspicion. Both these signs are trustworthy and loyal and will protect those they hold dear.

As lovers, these two can share a passionate, intimate union. The Rabbit tends to rely on loved ones for emotional support, without which this sign can quickly lose its bearings. The Rabbit experiences the world on a largely subjective level and can have trouble sorting out reality from fantasy or irrational fears. The Dog also suffers irrational fears but is strong enough to provide the Rabbit with plenty of comfort and support; in return, the Rabbit’s close care and affection will help to calm the Dog’s own anxieties. If they live together, their home will be understatedly attractive, subtly artistic and very comfortable. The only thing these two have to watch for is their mutual capacity for pessimism, which sets in when things become too chaotic or confusing. In times of stress they must take care not to feed off one another’s anxieties.

As business partners, these two can create a solid and creative business, if not a flashy, glitzy one — but flash and glitz wouldn’t be their style. The Rabbit’s creativity can lead to some unusual business innovations and the Dog is just the sign to listen to the Rabbit’s ideas instead of becoming impatient and writing them off as impractical. The Dog makes a great businessperson due to its careful, honorable work ethics, and will most likely have to take over finances and other practical matters when in business with the Rabbit.

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