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Rabbit and Ox

The Rabbit and the Ox can make a wonderful match! They are two of the kindest souls of the Chinese zodiac, but both have problems expressing their inner selves due to an innate shyness. Together, these two can blossom in one another’s close, careful and attentive company.

As lovers, Rabbit and Ox will share a wonderful, quiet connection; both signs love staying home where it’s cozy and warm rather than going out to loud, grating social affairs. The only problem that may occur is if these two start to bore one another, since their relationship may lack much spark. However, this is unlikely; both place far more importance on such qualities as compassion and trustworthiness in a mate than on anything so fleeting as passion.

As business partners, these two make quite a team as well. The Rabbit will likely follow the Ox’s lead, being of a more flexible nature than the Ox, who tends toward rigidity in both thought and approach. The Ox is a steady, hard worker, however, qualities the Rabbit will appreciate. Also, while other signs might end up taking advantage of the Rabbit’s compassionate, passive nature, the Ox is far too honorable for that; the Rabbit will always feel respected by the Ox and will be treated with care. Both of these signs depend on close friends and family for comfort and support, so as friends, lovers or members of the same family, they will relate well. If these two signs live together, their home will be peaceful, harmonious and cozy. The Rabbit loves entertaining at home, which could be a great way to open up the shy Ox, who tends to blend in with the wall when forced to go out on social occasions.

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