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Rabbit and Rabbit

As they’re both timid, sweet and compassionate, two Rabbits together could be a match made in heaven — but any relationship needs to be grounded on Earth once in a while! Life for the Rabbit is a highly subjective affair; this sign is deeply emotional, idealistic and artistic, with great potential for insecurity. Two Rabbits together feed off one another’s emotions, including pessimism and anxiety; the balance in this relationship may be delicate, easily upset.

If these two are amorous, their relationship is likely to be very loving. This sign tends to idealize relationships, a quality that can be a problem for other signs but, Rabbit to Rabbit, only serves to heighten the sweetness and emotional intensity of the affair. As Rabbits need lots of support and encouragement from loved ones in order to maintain equilibrium, two together must take care not to bring one another down when anxiety sets in. If these two live together, their home is likely to be quite lovely and comfortable. Rabbits are artistically inclined and love to entertain their friends and families at home; dinner parties will be candlelit, with soft music playing in the background to add to the mood.

As business partners, the same dynamics apply. Their office will be tastefully, artistically decorated and will likely resemble a home much more than a workspace; it also may be a bit cluttered, as Rabbits place more importance on following their artistic muse than on cleaning and keeping things neat. Creative ideas will abound in a company headed by two Rabbits, but they will need to make doubly sure that the practical side of the business — paying bills, keeping track of finances — is in good hands (perhaps not their own!).

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