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Rabbit and Tiger

The Rabbit and the Tiger may be too dissimilar to have a very balanced or satisfying relationship. The Tiger’s self-possessed, courageous, bold and free spirit might just bowl over the far more timid Rabbit, as the Rabbit sometimes allows itself to be taken advantage of by other signs with stronger personalities. The Tiger is magnetically attractive, sexy and appealing, but this sign is a lone wolf who requires complete freedom and autonomy to be happy. The Rabbit, on the other hand, is quiet, rather timid, sweet and compassionate; in power plays between these two signs, the Tiger will almost always win out. Both signs, however, possess powers of compassion that will help smooth their communication.

As lovers, their relationship could be similarly imbalanced. The Rabbit tends to give too much of itself to a lover and won’t speak up when being mistreated. The noble and warm-hearted Tiger would never intentionally mistreat the Rabbit; however, the Rabbit has a deep-rooted need to know where it stands in a relationship, which may be difficult in the face of the Tiger’s independent, changeable nature. The Rabbit makes a great partner, however, as its lover’s happiness is always utmost in its mind, and the Tiger is very sexy and magnetic indeed.

If these two live together or share an office, the shared space will be very artistically designed and filled with one-of-a-kind finds and trinkets. As business associates, as in an amorous relationship between these two, the Tiger will almost always be the one in charge. Being rather timid, the Rabbit is likely to appreciate the Tiger’s take-charge attitude and will content itself with applying its artistic touch in more subtle ways.

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