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Rat and Dog

The Rat and the Dog make a great pair, despite their differences. The Rat loves to be surrounded by a team of loyal friends and the Dog is nothing if not loyal. Trustworthy and discreet, honorable and duty-bound, the Dog makes a wonderful friend. While these steady qualities alone might begin to bore the Rat, who thrives on change and stimulation, the Dog’s moody, fretful nature and radical ideas keep the Rat guessing. Also, the Rat recognizes the presence of a true friend and wants to return the favor in kind. The Rat treats its loved ones well, with a special generosity reserved only for them.

As lovers, these two can do a lot for one another. The Dog is a lighthearted soul until things seem to go wrong; then that worrywart nature kicks in and pessimism takes over. The Rat, who is clever, fun and quick-witted, can step in and pick the Dog’s mood right back up again. The Dog will feel content under the Rat’s close, generous care, but may have trouble coming to trust the Rat, whose shrewd nature and promotion of its own agenda can lead the Dog to wonder as to the Rat’s motivations. However, the Rat won’t be put off by the Dog’s pessimism and irrational fears; the Rat loves any sort of challenge and will likely consider the Dog’s temperamental nature to be interesting and stimulating!

As business partners, these two make a great team. The Rat is shrewd, cunning and highly intelligent; the Dog is also highly intelligent, even radical in its thinking, and extremely trustworthy. The Dog also has a special gift for seeing the truth of someone’s heart and will be able to help the Rat avoid making business deals with dishonest associates.

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