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Rat and Dragon

The Rat and the Dragon enjoy a nearly perfect compatibility! As friends, lovers, family members or business partners, these two share a nearly unparalleled rapport. Of all the signs, the Rat may best be able to hold its own in the company of the Dragon, the most celebrated sign of the Chinese zodiac. Where the Dragon might bowl over other less brilliantly shining signs, the Rat simply plays off the Dragon’s intense energy and serves up some of its own!

Both signs often enjoy being the center of attention, the Rat for its clever wit and relentless verbal games that keep everyone entertained, and the Dragon for its intelligence and certain magnetism that keeps people coming back for more. These two may engage in arguments due to the Rat’s interest in promoting its own agenda versus the Dragon’s rather large ego, but their disagreements are likely to be fun and exciting for both and to be resolved quickly.

As lovers these two have an electric connection; both have very healthy libidos as it is, and put together their energies can be volcanic! As friends and business partners, they make an incredibly strong pair; the Rat is shrewd enough to allow the Dragon the position of the front-man and will be perfectly happy to exert its influence in more cunning, behind-the-scenes ways.

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