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Rat and Rabbit

The Rat and the Rabbit make an odd yet compatible pair. The Rabbit’s quiet, sweet subtlety may be lost on the more extroverted, brash and energetic Rat, but both signs are capable of great love and devotion. As lovers these two would be especially compatible; the Rabbit would benefit from the Rat’s closely protective, supportive nature and energizing, sexy demeanor, and in turn the Rabbit would give the Rat the gift of idealization and protection of its own kind. Arguments between these two would be imbalanced from the start, however, and would almost always be settled in the Rat’s favor. The Rat has a quick, shrewd mind and a gift with words that will likely bowl over the far more timid Rabbit, who finds it far easier to bend to another’s will than to stand up for its own beliefs.

These two signs make good friends; the Rat truly responds to loyalty in a pal, and the Rabbit is nothing if not loyal. Also, the platonic setting of a friendship has far lower stakes than a sexual or romantic relationship. As business partners they would most likely have an effective partnership, if a somewhat rocky relationship. Again, any disagreements would almost always be settled to the Rat’s liking, and the Rabbit might be taken advantage of due to its acquiescing nature. However, the shrewd Rat would understand the importance of presenting a united front to the world and of allowing the Rabbit to make use of its inherent strengths.

In any type of relationship, the Rabbit could benefit greatly from the Rat’s lighthearted optimism, as the Rabbit tends to suffer from a somewhat pessimistic mindset. And as long as the Rat considers the Rabbit to be within its inner circle, it will spare no expense to keep the Rabbit satisfied and protected.

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