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Rat and Rat

Both clever and quick-witted, possessing many loyal friends and a taste for the good life, two Rats together can mean a nearly perfect duo! While Westerners tend to dislike rats as dirty, destructive vermin, in the East rats are revered for their gift in accruing and hoarding wealth. In China and Japan, a rat is a symbol of good fortune and abundance. Like that far more charitable view of the animal, Rats (the Chinese astrology sign) are shrewd and, though they may be hoarders, they’re always very generous with those they hold dear. In fact, Rats tend to be great family members, always supportive and caring. Two Rats in the same family are bound to have lots of fun together — they love verbal games and any sort of heady excitement — but neither is likely to be very responsible about keeping up with household chores. But no matter: A little dirty laundry or a sink full of unwashed dishes doesn’t bother them! Any disagreements or arguments are likely to be very exciting and then end as quickly as they began.

As lovers, Rats are loyal, interesting and entertaining. They may express love in a more physical or verbal than romantic way, but for two Rats together, this is no trouble! They love both quantity and quality; a perfect day for these two would be spent in bed together, venturing out only in the evening for some spicy Indian or Mexican food. The name of the Rat’s game is stimulation; anything exciting goes. Two Rats are likely to find one another to be very stimulating, exciting and charming company indeed!

If these two are in business together, they can work as a power team, wowing potential clients and associates at meetings and power lunches with their quick wit and shrewd minds. Two Rats working together can make any business prosper but should choose work that utilizes their gift of shrewd analysis, such as law or private investigations.

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