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Rat and Rooster

The Rat and the Rooster are a good pair when they can learn to understand one another’s motivations. The clever, quick-witted Rat is a schemer whose shrewd mind may not measure up to the honest, straightforward Rooster’s exacting standards. The practical Rooster likes to stick to traditional, tried-and-true routes in life and may disapprove of the Rat’s looser, more creative approach. The Rooster is a perfectionist and will likely fall into the habit of nagging the Rat to shape up and get serious. It isn’t that the Rat is frivolous, however; while it is a very gregarious, social and fun-loving sign, it also has a serious side and knows how to treat loved ones well, with special care. If these two signs are in love, the Rooster will not have much to complain about when it comes to treatment at the Rat’s generous hands.

As lovers, these two will have fun together; they both love being out on the town with friends, having a good time. The Rooster can be a bit vain and needs to be flattered and complimented; the Rat will be happy to meet the Rooster’s needs as it likes to treat its loved ones right. The Rooster returns the favor by being a truly loyal, trusting mate. As business partners these two fare quite well as long as they trust one another (namely, the Rooster must feel it can trust the Rat). They share a certain thrifty spirit; the Rat loves money and loves to hang on to it once it finds it! The Rat may have a bit of a greedy nature, but when it comes to its own business the Rat is never excessive about spending money or resources, a quality of which the Rooster will approve. As long as the Rat can allow the Rooster to put in its two cents about every aspect of managing office affairs, these two will get along fine.

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