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Rat and Sheep

The Rat and the Sheep are a bit of a mismatch, but they can make a relationship work with some effort and understanding. The problem between these two results from their different needs and interests: Where the Rat is all about friends and social events, the Sheep has an artist’s soul; the Rat might be found dancing at a night club or tossing around witty banter at a dinner party while the Sheep is on a wilderness retreat, trying to find its inner self or just enjoying the beauty and solitude of nature.

These two do connect at home, though; if they are in love, their bond is strong. The Rat surrounds itself with plenty of friends but always treats its loved ones with a special, tender generosity, which the Sheep, being rather worrisome and overly sensitive by nature, will appreciate. Since it places high stock in family and home comforts, the Sheep can make the house welcoming for the Rat to come home to after its social forays. The Rat may become a bit bored with the Sheep’s emotional, dreamy nature, however, and the Sheep may dislike the Rat’s constant scheming and its fast-paced lifestyle.

As business partners, these two might fare a bit better; the Rat will likely take on the role of the front person, the one who chats up the customers and organizes, plans, even schemes to keep things running at topmost efficiency. The Rat loves to earn money and status and has a great head for business. The Sheep is less money-minded but is very creative, a truly progressive thinker who likes to be in control in a more behind-the-scenes way. If these two put their heads together their combined strengths will be tremendous.

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