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Rat and Snake

The Rat and the Snake make quite a compatible pair once they can learn to overlook their differences. The Rat may tire of the Snake’s seemingly slow pace and lack of ambition; the Rat is much more active and energetic, on the surface, than the philosophical, intuitive Snake. The Snake, in turn, may tire of the Rat’s quick-witted verbal games, as the Snake likes to think of itself as a deeper thinker than that.

However, despite their differences these two can make quite a duo, especially as lovers — theirs is a truly hot connection and they definitely respond to one another’s charms. The Snake’s intelligence truly appeals to the clever, shrewd Rat, and the Rat’s physical nature appeals to the dangerously attractive Snake. The Snake may have a jealous or possessive nature but if the Snake and the Rat are in love, they won’t find it hard to remain loyal to one another.

As business partners, they’re no less strong; both possessed of incredible minds, their only trouble may result from the Snake’s need to be the center of attention versus the Rat’s need to pursue its own agenda. The Snake tires quickly of anyone who is incompetent or ineffective, but that’s definitely not the Rat! The Snake will appreciate the Rat’s clever mind and ceaseless energy when it comes to getting things going. Also, the Rat has a special flair and ease with money and will naturally take on the role of bread-winner when in business with the Snake. And finally, these two signs’ seemingly opposing types of intelligence — the Snake’s intuitive, philosophical approach to the world versus the Rat’s verbal games and cunning mind — work well together, covering all the bases in their collective understanding.

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