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Rooster and Horse

The Rooster and the Horse could make a good pair, surprisingly enough — surprising because the Horse’s unpredictable nature wouldn’t seem to be a very natural match for the Rooster’s exacting perfectionism. The success of this match relies largely on the Horse’s flexibility and the Rooster’s ability to quell the urge to nag. The Rooster has a very sharp mind and a keen eye that picks up subtleties of detail; these qualities are what lead to the Rooster’s insistence on perfection, but are also quite attractive to the Horse. The Horse is a very witty, scintillating companion in part because of its general knowledge of a broad range of subjects; this sign is quite attracted to the Rooster’s specificity of knowledge.

As lovers, these two could run into problems, especially if they live together. The Rooster makes a very loyal, trusting partner but can be a rather annoying housemate if it gives in to its love of criticizing others. The Rooster wants things to be impeccably clean and in perfect order, but the Horse will often start a project and then abandon it right in the middle, having thought of something more fun or interesting to do. The Rooster could be very impatient with the Horse’s inability to focus or follow things through. The Horse also doesn’t have the best track record in terms of relationship longevity. However, these two will have a cerebral connection and can keep one another mentally stimulated.

As business partners, these two will have to choose work that will hold the Horse’s interest. The Rooster is a natural at managing finances and other practical affairs; this sign’s sharp mind hardly ever miscalculates. The Rooster also possesses a basically conservative nature and is a real bargain-hunter, qualities that will ensure the business isn’t hurt by unwise risk-taking. The Horse is a very hard worker when it wants to be and possesses an ingenious resourcefulness that will astonish and please the Rooster!

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