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Rooster and Rabbit

The Rooster and the Rabbit may have to work hard to understand one another’s motivations since, as opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, their relationship may be marked by friction. The problem lies in their very different natures, which are the results of their unique perceptions of the world: The Rabbit experiences life almost completely subjectively and therefore has trouble with practicalities, details and other things mundane. The Rooster, on the other hand, sees the world almost exclusively as details that require precise work to be perfected. The Rooster might well find the Rabbit to be far too careless and the Rabbit may find the Rooster to be overly demanding and critical. The Rabbit is compassionate and understanding, however, not to mention timid, and often won’t speak up even when feeling criticized.

As lovers their connection may be no more satisfying. The Rabbit tends to put more energy into relationships than do other signs. This may not be a problem with the Rooster, who devotes all its energy to whatever new endeavor lies before it, but these two signs have very different approaches to romance. The Rooster likes to nag — lovers, friends and family members alike — and considers perfection to be both necessary and attainable. The Rabbit relies on emotional support from its loved ones to help it maintain emotional equilibrium and the Rooster is certainly strong, capable of providing the Rabbit with this kind of stability. The Rooster also makes a truly loyal and loving mate, but the Rabbit may ultimately feel too henpecked, which will begin to erode its already tenuous sense of self.

And whether their relationship is romantic or business-based, the Rooster is likely to tire of the Rabbit’s seeming inability to be logical, practical or reasonable. In the office or at home, the Rooster will naturally take the upper hand in the relationship and the Rabbit, being rather passive, will likely defer to the Rooster’s rule.

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