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Rooster and Rooster

Two Roosters are just a bit too similar to be very readily compatible! The problem here is that this sign likes to rule its own roost — absolutely. For the Rooster, there’s no room for any sort of co-reign; in this sign’s mind, it’s the only one suited to the job of keeping everyone and everything in order. So what happens when two Roosters come together? They just might peck one another to bits! This sign sees the world as a bunch of details, all of which need improvement. The Rooster uses its analytical mind to ferret out weaknesses and flaws and relies on nagging as a method toward perfecting its surroundings.

As lovers, two Roosters might spend more time criticizing one another than crooning sweet nothings into one another’s ears. However, when in love the Rooster makes a truly loyal, loving mate; if these two share an intimate connection they may be able to understand and overlook such negative habits as nagging. And though they nag, Roosters don’t like to put up with messiness, which can include arguments, noisiness and so on. If these two live together their home is sure to be immaculately clean and well-ordered, tastefully furnished in a classic style and rather quiet.

These two might do better as business partners than in a romantic relationship, for in the office the Rooster’s gifts can be utilized. This sign has a very practical, keen mind, one that never allows a detail to slip by unnoticed. Roosters are naturals in any position that calls for practicality and a keen eye, so the finances of any business run by two Roosters are likely to be in perfect order. This is a basically conservative sign, so the business may not grow quickly; Roosters find it hard to take a risk. They are very good with money, however, so the business should be prosperous.

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