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Rooster and Sheep

The Rooster and the Sheep will have to work out who is in control of what if they want their relationship to run smoothly. The Sheep does avoid conflict at almost any cost and the Rooster considers arguments to be rather messy, so the power struggle between these two Signs may be carried out on a subtler plane. The main problem stems from the Rooster’s insistence on ruling the roost as pitted against the Sheep’s insistence on doing things its own way — the Sheep’s own form of maintaining control.

As lovers, these two might experience more moodiness, sulking episodes and hurt feelings than times of light and laughter. If they live together their home is likely to be spotlessly clean, very tastefully decorated (though the Rooster’s classic tastes might vie with the Sheep’s more esoteric ones) and quiet. Both signs care a great deal about detail and peace and will go to some trouble to get things just the way they want them in their home. However, the Rooster’s attention to detail often leads it to nag a partner or family member; the Rooster expects perfection but nagging may only push the Sheep away. The Sheep makes a very romantic, generous lover but needs to feel duly admired in return; the Rooster may nag, but this sign is truly loyal when in love. This dynamic may be the saving grace between these two signs.

The Rooster and the Sheep might do much better as business partners. The power struggles will still be in place but the two signs’ differences begin to complement each other in the office. The Rooster’s keen eye and logical mind is perfect for managing finances and other mundane details, leaving the artistic Sheep free to reign over the more imaginative, innovative side of the business. The Sheep is a rather lucky sign and the Rooster is very good with money; these two have a good chance at creating a prosperous company.

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