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Sheep and Dragon

The Sheep and the Dragon can be highly compatible, but the strength of their relationship may rely on whether the Sheep will accept the Dragon’s strong, protective influence. The Sheep has a rather independent nature and doesn’t like to be bullied by anyone. The Dragon isn’t a bully but does have a particularly forceful personality; the trick with this relationship is to maintain a balance of intimacy and independence.

As lovers, especially if they live together, these two can do very well together. The Sheep, being of a sensitive, artistic temperament, tends to be something of a worrier. This sign may really appreciate having someone so fiery and strong to lean on as the Dragon. The Dragon, in turn, will certainly appreciate the way the Sheep makes their home comfortable and artistically decorated. The Sheep needs to feel admired and appreciated by a lover, and the Dragon feels and expresses everything in an immediate way. The Sheep will never have to wonder where it stands in the Dragon’s heart.

As business partners, these two can make a good team because of their complementary differences. The Dragon is intelligent and an initiator; this sign is a natural front person for any business due to its energy and its urge to be in power. The Sheep likes to be in control of things as well but also tries to avoid conflict whenever possible; this sign will likely be content with controlling things behind the scenes. The Sheep’s creative mind will constantly think up new innovations for the business and the Dragon’s energy will keep things moving forward. The Dragon is also very lucky with money.

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