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Sheep and Rabbit

The Sheep and the Rabbit can make a great, long-lasting connection! These two signs share several similarities and their differences are likely to be complementary. Both are dreamy, artistic souls who rely more on emotion and intuition than on logic to navigate through the world. Both signs also need plenty of support from loved ones, so if theirs is a romantic relationship, they can likely make one another feel very well-loved and appreciated. The Rabbit can be easily taken advantage of by other signs due to its passive, compassionate nature, but this won’t be much of a problem with the Sheep; there’s far more room for give-and-take here than in other pairings with the Rabbit.

The only problem that may arise for these two in love is their mutual potential for emotional instability. Both these signs can become high-strung and pessimistic when life becomes too overwhelming; during these times they can either help one another or feed off one another’s anxieties. The Rabbit’s powers of compassionate perception will likely help a lot, however. If these two live together their home is likely to be very comfortable and artistically decorated, due to their artistic sensibilities and the Sheep’s esoteric tastes.

As business partners, these two will do best in a business that highlights their creativity, and they may need to bring in a third party to handle the finances. Neither of these signs has much of a head for practicalities; they’re both just too interested in other things, such as artistic aesthetics, undercurrents of emotion and meaning and so on. The Rabbit, especially, has trouble keeping up with mundane responsibilities, so either the Sheep will have to take over that part of the business or utilize an outside source. The Sheep may also end up being the front person, due to its more socially outgoing nature and its innate need to be in control.

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