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Sheep and Sheep

Two Sheep can make an amazing connection due to their artistic sensibilities. These are truly progressive thinkers whose esoteric thought patterns may be best understood by another of the same sign. Since this is a rather high-strung sign, two together may make one another feel even more out of sorts, especially in times of stress, but they will connect through all their similarities — their dreamy minds, their sensual sides … Their only potential problem area is that Sheep like to be on top of things and in control; two together may have to struggle for domination.

As lovers, these two will connect first through their minds and then on a physical level. Though Sheep aren’t dependent on material items (since they have the richness of their imaginations), they are sensual, romantic and demonstrative lovers who delight in giving their loved ones gifts, flowers, home-cooked desserts, pretty pictures they’ve painted themselves … Sheep also need to feel admired by a lover, so two Sheep in love can truly make one another feel appreciated. Sheep are sensitive; any emotional imbalance in this relationship is likely to be felt acutely by both. The good news is, imbalances are unlikely and two Sheep together can provide one another with a sense of security.

As business partners, the Sheep may need a third party to handle the company finances. These two may be too busy with their imaginative dreams, coming up with unusual innovations to grow the business, to worry about mundane responsibilities. Any company headed by two Sheep may be prone to power struggles, since Sheep like to be on top controlling things, but this sign also avoids conflict whenever possible. The office they share will be artistically decorated and may rely on unusual philosophies, such as the practice of Feng Shui, to keep things balanced and harmonious.

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