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Sheep and Snake

The Sheep and the Snake share a good, solid relationship, if one that is a bit tame in energy. Both these signs generally need to interact with a more dynamic sign in order to come fully alive. The Snake may seem more dynamic than the Sheep, being charming, popular and truly seductive in nature; however, the Snake is basically reserved, even retiring. The Sheep is dynamic in thought, possessing a very unusual and progressive mind and an esoteric sense of creativity, but this sign needs plenty of peace in its daily life in order to maintain emotional equilibrium.

These two might connect best as lovers, since they both have a very sensual side to their natures. The Snake is disarmingly charming, sensual and sexually attractive; this sign could seduce almost anyone. As a lover the Snake tends to be somewhat possessive, since it suffers from an inner feeling of insecurity; this might send the Sheep running for the hills, since the Sheep avoids conflict at all costs. Still, the Sheep needs to feel admired and appreciated by a lover and may be able to see the Snake’s jealousy and possessiveness as that sign’s way of expressing its love. If these two live together, their house will be artistically decorated and full of places to curl up for a nap or to read a good book.

As business partners, these two can create a strong and innovative company if they share common goals. The Snake isn’t lazy when it comes to working for something it believes in, and the Sheep is wonderful at dreaming up new ways to run things. The Snake may be the front person in this partnership, the one who charms clients and associates in meetings and at power lunches, but the Sheep also likes to be in control. Both signs will work hard if they see reason to do so.

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