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Snake and Horse

The Snake and the Horse may not be the most natural match due to some rather opposite qualities that don’t mesh together well. The Horse possesses a raw energy that needs almost constant exercise, lending this sign its characteristic restlessness; the Horse is a loner, always on the move. The Snake, on the other hand, is something of a homebody and may even be a bit lazy. The Horse will likely grow impatient with the Snake’s more luxuriant nature and the Snake will tire of the Horse’s refusal to settle down.

As lovers, these two are likely to argue quite a bit — if the Horse sticks around long enough for an argument to develop. The Snake is a very sexy and seductive sign and the Horse possesses its own raw sex appeal, so initially, these two may be quite attracted to one another. The Horse is in love with love and tends to come on strong, but generally only for a short time; after a while it loses interest and wants to move on to someone or something new. The Snake, however, forms attachments and tends to be a rather jealous and possessive lover; with the Horse, this just won’t do. The interesting thing is, both of these signs feel an inner sense of insecurity; the Horse counters that feeling with constant movement, and the Snake counters it with both possessiveness and charm.

As business partners, these two may not get very far. The Horse loses interest so quickly, about the only thing one can expect from this sign is that its mind will change soon. It may throw itself into the work in the beginning, when things are fresh, but may decide to search out greener pastures after a time. The Snake knows how to get things done and is disarmingly intelligent; this sign relies on its keen intuition to know where to go next. However, it does have a lazy side; both these signs will have to work to stay focused in order to keep the business moving forward.

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