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Snake and Monkey

The Snake and the Monkey may have too many opposing qualities to get along very well. They do both love to have a good time and are both charming and popular; this may be the saving grace of their relationship or it may simply point to the forum in which they initially connect. However, the Snake’s popularity and seductive charm belie a much more reserved nature; this sign is actually something of a homebody, one that loves to curl up and lose itself in a good book. The Monkey, on the other hand, is always interested in having a good time, in following its own pleasures and adventures.

As lovers, these two might have a lot of fun together going out on the town with friends; they are also capable of an intense sexual connection. However, the Snake tends to be the jealous, possessive type, and the Monkey will have a hard time not providing reason for the Snake’s jealousies to flare up. The Monkey is a loyal sign and, though it does have the potential to be an unfaithful lover, won’t necessarily fulfill that potential; however, its urge to be out with a different group every night will leave the Snake worrying anyway, no matter how faithful the Monkey has been.

If these two are in business together, they can make it work — if they can figure out how to get along. If they can avoid arguments, their opposite styles could actually be complementary. The Monkey is a go-getter who follows its fortune wherever it leads; this sign loves a challenge. The Snake is a more careful, deliberate worker; though sometimes considered lazy, this sign will work long and hard toward a goal it believes in. The Snake also tends to be very lucky with money, but may tire of the Monkey’s fun-loving nature. These two signs will likely compete with one another for the position as front person, and the Snake may ultimately put in more work than the Monkey.

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