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Snake and Pig

The Snake and the Pig have enough in common that their relationship would seem to be a sure success; however, as opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, their connection may be marked by friction. The problem may lie in a lack of constructive communication. The Snake lives on an intuitive rather than a logical plane; this sign may have trouble being objective and can slip into less-than-straightforward ways of behaving and negotiating. The Pig is almost always a shy, generous and honorable sign, but when crossed is capable of being quite malicious in response.

As lovers, these two share several interests, namely close friends, family and a comfortable home life. These are a top concern for both signs; also in common are their mutually sensualist natures. Neither sign is lazy — both can work very hard when need be — but both love to relax into luxurious, elegant surroundings. The Snake is disarmingly attractive and seductive and the Pig is a great lover; these two could connect very well on those levels. The Snake tends to be a rather possessive lover, behavior that is based on an inner feeling of insecurity, but the Pig is generally loyal to whomever it holds dear. However, the Pig does possess a certain aura of mystery, which may cause suspicion to arise on some level within the Snake.

If these two share a business, the Snake will likely serve as front-person, being charming and intelligent and possessing much finesse. The Snake feels a general need to be the center of attention and this is fine with the Pig, who is happy to work hard behind the scenes. The Pig loves to be of service in any way it can and is an honorable, well-mannered sign. The office shared by these two will be elegantly furnished in a classic style; lunch meetings will be long and frequent, held at delicious and tasteful restaurants.

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