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Snake and Rabbit

The Snake and the Rabbit have rather different ways of approaching the world, but they can still have a fulfilling, close relationship. Socially, these two are almost opposites: Where the Rabbit is timid and shy, preferring to entertain at home with close friends over going out and painting the town red, the Snake is very popular due to its innate charm, dangerous intelligence and sexy demeanor. However, both these signs operate on a more intuitive than rational level. The Snake is known for its powers of intuition as well as its philosophical mind, and the Rabbit is known for its subjective view of the world. The connection between these two might well be cerebral, at least at first.

As lovers, these two might connect initially through their minds but, especially if in love, their relationship could be very sexually and emotionally intimate. The Rabbit may be shy, but this sign can also be very sensuous! Problems might crop up between these two based on their mutual tendency toward insecurity. The Rabbit needs lots of support from loved ones in order to feel stable, but the Snake may have a hard time providing that support, since this sign suffers from its own brand of insecurity, which can often lead to jealousy or possessiveness in a relationship. Both signs need to work on developing their own senses of self, a task they may be able to work on together.

As business partners, these two can make a great team. The Snake will likely gravitate toward the position of the front person, the one who charms the clients or customers and is a force to be reckoned with in meetings and power lunches. The Rabbit will make its influence known in subtler ways, such as keeping the office artistically decorated and comfortable. The Snake will likely have to be in charge of the finances, as money and other practical matters aren’t generally the Rabbit’s forte.

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