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Snake and Rooster

The Snake and the Rooster make a mutually satisfying match since they share many of the same interests and values. Both have a social side — the Snake is charming, popular and seductive and the Rooster loves going out with friends — but both are more interested in home comforts and security. These two can make a solid connection in any type of relationship — friends, lovers, business partners, and members of the same family — because together they create a smoothly running and prosperous base, be that at home or in the office.

As lovers, these two are well situated for a long-term relationship and may move in together early on, not because they’re impulsive — far from it — but because they see that living together would only enhance life for both. The Rooster has a keen eye for detail and likes to keep a spotless, comfortable and classically tasteful home. This sign has great taste but also loves a bargain. The Snake is considered lucky with money and can be counted on by the Rooster to bring home the bacon. The Snake often tends toward jealousy and possessiveness in relationships, due to an inner sense of insecurity, but that isn’t likely to be a problem in this relationship. The loyal, faithful Rooster will never give the Snake reason for suspicion.

If these two are business partners, their company should be orderly and prosperous. The Rooster’s practical nature and attention to detail make it a natural to handle the finances; this sign can also contribute greatly in planning low-risk methods of progress. Both the Snake and the Rooster prefer the tried-and-true over a new or risky path and are somewhat conservative in nature; it’s likely that they’ll almost always agree on where to take the business next.

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