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Tiger and Dog

The Tiger and the Dog generally share a kind, affable connection that is fun and satisfying for both. Both signs are noble and protective of those they hold dear, so if the relationship between these two is close and emotional, they are able to make one another feel quite secure. For the Tiger, this is an important balance — this sign tends to run from restrictive relationships but with the Dog, the Tiger won’t just feel protected, it will feel that its needs and interests (such as individuality and independence) are being protected as well. The Tiger will be happy to return the favor, and the Dog will be happy to receive it — this sign is sometimes a bit pessimistic and has trouble trusting others but will find it easy to trust the noble, warm-hearted and courageous Tiger.

As lovers, these two know how to make room for one another’s individual personalities, which is of especial importance to the Tiger. This sign insists on its freedom to be happy, which can be a difficult requirement to have met in an intimate relationship. The Dog, however, is a bit moody and often needs alone time itself. Both of these signs follow their own hearts, but their hearts are noble and true, making it very easy to respect one another and their choices in life.

As business partners, these two are capable of creating a strong company or product. The Tiger’s fearless, inventive mind combines well with the Dog’s loyalty and trustworthiness. The Dog is also something of a radical thinker and can add spice and dimension to the Tiger’s innovative ideas. Whether they’re business associates, lovers, friends or family members, these two are likely to get along famously. Their only trouble spot might result from the Tiger’s occasional flakiness, a quality the Dog has trouble handling in others, but any upsets are sure to be dealt with quickly and completely.

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