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Tiger and Horse

The Tiger and the Horse make a very good match due to their similarly sunny, optimistic and fun outlooks on life. As a pair, whether they’re friends, lovers or business partners, these two are likely to be found out on the town together, tending to their active social lives or doing good works in the community — anything that increases their pool of friends and contacts and spreads their positive message. The Tiger might seem to be the leader in this relationship, as this sign likes to be in charge, leading the way with its courageous heart; however, the Horse is quite active and independent as well and is no follower. A great dynamic between these two is that they share similar goals and interests, so a leader isn’t necessary — they’re heading for the same places.

Their mutual need for independence is one major characteristic the Tiger and the Horse have in common, and it’s one that keeps their relationship fresh and unrestrictive for both. The Horse, especially, has the tendency to bolt when anyone tries to fence it in with obligations or expectations. The Tiger shares this tendency (perhaps to a lesser degree) and both signs understand the need to be able to do things their own way, to roam where and when they want to. As lovers their relationship is likely to be quite mutually satisfying — but perhaps a bit short-lived. The Horse is famously mercurial in its tastes; it is in love with love and romance but changes its mind on whim. The Tiger, possessing a noble and warm-hearted nature, may be a bit more dependable in romance than the Horse.

As business partners, these two can create an exciting, unique work environment, one that allows room for change and growth and that encourages new ideas and innovations. Again, the Tiger might naturally adopt the position of being in charge and the Horse may find it hard to stay focused on the task at hand.

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