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Tiger and Ox

The Tiger and the Ox may not be the most natural match. The main problem between these two lies in their vastly different approaches to life: The Tiger is untamable while the Ox is quite reliable; the Tiger is adventurous while the Ox is reserved; the Tiger is unfocused while the Ox is built for hard work and wants to do things right the first time. What’s more, each sign prizes its own characteristics as ideal, but neither sign is likely to find its ideal traits in the other!

Paradoxically, these two can connect through their very differences. If they can learn to understand one another, they can benefit from the qualities in one another that they themselves are lacking. The Tiger can greatly benefit from the Ox’s methodical, thorough approach to completing work, especially if these two are business partners, and in turn the Ox can learn to follow the Tiger’s unpredictable lead, as the Tiger often hits on new and ingenious ideas. The Ox can teach the Tiger to buckle down and focus; the Tiger can teach the Ox to lighten and open up.

These two signs aren’t completely opposite, either; each possesses a warm heart — the Ox finds its greatest refuge in home, family and close friends — and each is a noble, honorable soul. The Tiger’s unpredictable, at times moody nature doesn’t mean this sign is untrustworthy; once the Ox understands this, doors will open up for these two to make a deep and lasting connection. The Ox’s somewhat rigid and judgmental nature may make this difficult, but the Tiger’s magnetic charm will help to win the Ox over in the end.

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