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Tiger and Pig

The Tiger and the Pig can make a good match, but it will require a bit of extra flexibility on both sides and a lot of mutual trust. The Pig is generally very kind, well-mannered and generous and tends to see only the best in other people; this in itself makes a relationship with this sign easier. The Tiger, too, is generally quite affable and good-spirited; however, there are certain behaviors and situations that can turn both of these signs’ good spirits into bad moods.

For the Tiger, restrictive relationships, possessive lovers and rigid expectations can be just cause to run away. Freedom and autonomy are incredibly important to the Tiger, who will do whatever it takes to ensure it retains that freedom. The Pig values connection, support and a steady home life and will very likely find the Tiger’s lone wolf character to be unsettling at best. If these two signs live together, and especially if their relationship is romantic, they will have to make sure to allow room for their differences — the Pig will have to excuse the Tiger’s roaming and the Tiger will have to offer the Pig as much support and reassurance as possible. A romantic relationship may actually be the most likely sort between these two. The Tiger is magnetically attractive, generally very sexily appealing to any of the signs. The Pig possesses its own sexy mystique and is also very much a sensualist, reveling in the simple but luxurious pleasures of food, lovemaking, even sleeping and bathing. As long as the Tiger doesn’t feel restricted by the Pig’s love of home comforts, the Tiger will be happy to play along — for a while. Inevitably, this sign’s urge to roam, explore and experience will kick in again.

As business partners, these two can create a strong company as long as their goals are aligned. Though a sensualist by nature, the Pig is far from lazy; this is a hard-working sign whose efforts will back up the Tiger’s courageous leadership and innovative ideas.

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