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Tiger and Rat

The Tiger and the Rat may not be the best match in the world. For one thing, they’re just a bit too similar for comfort! Both love to be the center of attention and both have charming, magnetic personalities. In social situations, these two might find themselves vying for the spotlight and developing a truly competitive relationship — especially the Tiger, whose courageous, authoritative nature always wants to prevail.

As lovers, these two might have an incredible debut — they will respond eagerly to one another’s exciting, stimulating natures. However, after a while their clashing personality traits may begin to get in the way; the Tiger may tire of the Rat’s self-promoting ways or constant verbal bantering and the Rat may tire of the Tiger’s mood swings and authority plays. However, both these signs are warm-hearted and loving with those they hold dear; if they can find common ground on which to stand, these two will make a durable, generous duo.

As business partners, these two will need to iron out their differences and decide who’s on top. The most natural set-up for these two would be for the Tiger, who is noble and authoritative, to be the front person while the Rat puts its shrewd mind to use behind-the-scenes.

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