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Tiger and Sheep

The Tiger and the Sheep may have to work hard to form a union that is fully satisfying for both. The Tiger, a courageous and self-possessed sign, is magnetically attractive and very well might sweep the dreamy Sheep off its feet — at first.

Both of these signs like to travel and to experience the different and exotic; however, sooner or later the Sheep may start to demand more from the Tiger than the Tiger is willing to give, especially if these two share a romantic relationship. The Sheep is sensitive, creative and often high-strung; this Sign needs plenty of outside encouragement, support, even flattery, to feel secure in a relationship. The Tiger might really enjoy serving as the Sheep’s protective influence or strong shoulder to lean on; the paradox is, the more secure the Sheep feels with a lover, the more demanding this sign becomes. The Tiger considers its individuality and independence to be of utmost importance; if the Sheep starts placing demands on the Tiger, the Tiger might run — and it may not return. The Tiger likes to be in charge of things; it possesses a bold, fearless heart and likes to be the leader in any endeavor. The Sheep, on the other hand, while not so bent on maintaining its independence, does possess an artistically inventive mind. This sign will consider any attempt to curb its creativity to be an unwelcome restriction.

This dynamic may come into play especially in a business forum; if these two are partners at work, the Tiger must remember to give the Sheep plenty of creative freedom. The Sheep’s artistic sensibilities are actually quite an asset to the business; this sign’s progressive and capable mind ensures that things will never stagnate. On a more positive note, whatever the relationship between these two may be, the Tiger’s strength, optimism and sense of fun could be a great gift to the Sheep, whose sensitivity sometimes turns into pessimism and self-doubt.

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