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Tiger and Snake

The Tiger and the Snake may have trouble finding common ground on which to base a relationship. Both are basically easy-going, as long as each is getting its way — and therein lays the potential for problems. The Tiger is self-possessed, bold and independent, a free-thinker and spirit; this sign insists on being in charge — of the movement, of itself and its own path. The Tiger is often referred to as a born leader as it has the energy and vision needed to move things (and people) forward. The Snake possesses more subtlety than that; this sign relies on its innate charm to get its way.

The Snake is as seductively attractive as the Tiger, which could mean these two will be drawn to one another initially; it’s difficult to resist the Tiger’s personal magnetism or the Snake’s sexy charm. However, soon these two signs may find they don’t have much in common. They may work out better as business partners than as lovers, because there is so much potential for trouble in a romantic relationship between these two. The Snake tends to be a jealous and possessive lover, behavior that results from an inner sense of insecurity. The Snake needs a partner who can provide frequent emotional support and reassurance, and that’s probably not the Tiger! Though a noble, warm-hearted sign, the last thing the Tiger wants is to be held back by a jealous sweetheart; behavior of that type will send this sign running.

These two will work out far better in business together: The Snake is lucky with money and can use its charm and diplomacy to draw in new clients, and the Tiger’s bold, free-thinking ways will ensure that the business always grows and never begins to stagnate. Also, the Snake’s intuitive approach to business will likely prove a nice complement to the Tiger’s fearless, inventive tactics. But whatever their relationship, the key between these two is understanding!

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