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Tiger and Tiger

Two Tigers would make a great match if they could just stop fighting over who’s in charge! Two of this sign will be immediately attracted to one another, since Tigers possess a certain magnetism of personality that draws others in; this is a sexy, unique and warm-hearted sign. However, the blush of attraction may begin to wear off as the relationship deepens; any test of authority could spark an argument between these two. Neither will want to argue, mind you; Tigers are softies at heart, capable of great love and care for others. This is also a courageous and authoritative sign, however, one with a tendency to put its energies into the wrong pursuits — such as attempting to have its way when giving in to another’s will would be more productive.

As lovers, these two may or may not work out well. Problems result when any sign tries to keep the Tiger under control; the Tiger simply won’t let that happen. Thus, love affairs with this sign must be handled particularly carefully. The Tiger requires complete freedom and autonomy in any relationship, romantic or platonic; another Tiger will understand this need but won’t always be able to meet it. Two Tigers together may find the intensity and unpredictability of their relationship to be too exciting to give up, but if they have clashes over authority as well, this could create quite an unstable dynamic.

If these two are business partners, they will have to work to keep things running smoothly. This sign knows how to work hard for any cause it believes in, so two Tigers working together can accomplish great things, as long as their goals are in line. If their goals are too dissimilar, however, the venture may fail due to the instability of the team.

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