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Desires Versus Commitments

by The Astrologer's Daughter August 22, 2011 01:25 AM EST
Desires Versus Commitments
As Mars moves into a square to Saturn, some of us are having a pretty intense conversation with ourselves about our desires (Mars) versus our commitments (Saturn). Mars is currently at 10 degrees Cancer moving into an exact square to Saturn in Libra on August 25, though we are already in the grip of this transit’s psychological field and will be for the weeks to come.

If what we want doesn't match our responsibilities, it is a cosmically ripe time to bring the two into alignment and see how they can powerfully fuel one another. We either have to fight for the commitments we truly covet or change our perspective on those responsibilities we can't change.

Mars and Saturn were both considered difficult planets, labeled "malefics" by traditional astrologers. And while our understanding of their symbolism has evolved, there is some truth to be gleaned from their original classification. Both planets and their corresponding signs -- Aries and Capricorn -- do have the sort of tenacious willfulness that will get the job done, no matter how daunting it appears. Such is the sort of roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work attitude navigating this transit successfully takes! We can make some pretty significant changes if we get clear and get to work.

Mars tells us about our fire and passion to fight for those desires we deem our birthright. When Mars is in Cancer, our passion turns to what we hold most dear. We our asked to fight for what's close in our heart and brave the risk of coming out of our shells. Revealing what's in our hearts or declaring war on those forces that threaten to enslave our deepest truths is the essence of this spirited planet through the most tender -- yet guarded -- of signs.

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Saturn represents the unflinching eye of reality; what we can hear, taste and smell in the tangible world without regard for our ideals, our feelings or desires of how things ought to be. Saturn is simply about what is and when in Libra, it reveals what’s authentic in our commitments to ourselves and others. It paints a very realistic picture for better or worse. It shatters our projections and false ideas and makes us answer for promises we've made or re-commit to only those things that will serve us going forward. It brings us the gift of clarity.

When these two planets come into contact as they are now, it's as if our tremendous vitality and heart's passion is coming square against our routines and commitments we've made to make sure they’re on the same page. The structures you've built around yourself, if no longer appropriate, will be conflicted by desires that seem to threaten your very foundation. As with any conflict, the point of the friction is to find understanding and hopefully two rough edges will smooth each out if they rub up against each other enough. There is no better time to get clear on what you want deep down and synch that with what you build around you, relationships and otherwise.

Are our structures current or outdated? Are we using outmoded forms of self-protection? Are we willing to admit that our passions and goals have changed? Are we even courageous enough to admit what's in our heart and do the hard work of building a more fitting foundation? Can we revive our existing commitments by our willingness to expose what's raw and unfinished beneath the surface? Do we have the faith in our hearts to wait for delayed gratification of our honest efforts?

Such are the questions that we may have to wrestle with or will be wrestled out of us and there may be no easy answer. As these two malefics fight to work together in the cosmos so we wage battle within ourselves to bring that undeniable truth within our hearts to bear upon the world we create around us. Committing to our heartfelt desires or re-discovering our passion amidst our commitments is the wisdom inherent in this transit. It’s time to get to work!
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