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Don't Be A Dating Disaster!

by Heather the CosmosGal April 20, 2010 10:35 PM EST
Don't Be A Dating Disaster!
Dating isn’t always easy. Sometimes we’ve experienced dates that, beforehand, seemed as though they’d be a success, only to find them a complete failure later. Why does this happen? Here are some reasons why a date could go awry based on your sign, and how to prevent them from happening again.  
Remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you, Aries. Aries can often think about themselves first, after all, they rule the first house of “self”. Be sure to think about the other person’s desires. It’s not just the movie YOU want to see, or the restaurant YOU want to go to all the time. Be sure to find out what your sweetie wants, too.
Needing to know where your partner is all the time or what they’re doing can easily put you on damage control. When you get into a new relationship or begin dating someone, love without being possessive. This could easily make other signs run, especially independent ones like Aquarius and Sagittarius.
You love to do the talking, but let your sweetie share some words, too. Be an active listener on your next date. Keep eye contact with them at all times, repeat what they say back once in awhile, keep the discussion on track with what they are saying, too. That’s a big one. Sometimes we hear something that relates to our own experiences and we go off on a tangent about it. Keep your focus on THEIR story and be sure to be empathetic.  
Watch your mood swings around your sweetie, Cancer, especially on dates. Be careful you don’t flip a switch at that restaurant or even worse do it to your sever. Sometimes it can be more embarrassing to see your date be rude to your server than to you even. Watch your emotional energy and keep it in check especially in public!
You have a great sense of self-esteem, but don’t let your confidence turn to cockiness. Too many comments that are self-serving could make you seem like your implying you’re better than average. Keep it real, home slice! Your sweetie will prefer a more humble nature.

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You like everything to be perfect, but when you’re on a date, try not to nit-pick over every single thing to your waiter or sweetie. A dirty spoon or a fly in your soup are good reasons to call over your server. But to fuss over every little thing will most definitely be a turn off to your date. Tone down the criticisms at all times!
Avoid name-dropping! Scales love expensive and beautiful things. Even people who are associated with beauty and wealth can be a conversation of delight for glamorous Libra. Just try not to name-drop those jeans or that celebrity you know in every conversation.
You love passion in a relationship, and that’s why sometimes you can move too fast. When you first meet a guy or girl, don’t rush into intimacy. Get to know the person. Ladies, think of how many times you’ve dated different guys only to find out a couple months later how much of a loser they were. If we just issued some patience, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t of slept with half of the people we have! And gentleman, keep that pecker in your pants. I went out with a guy once and on the second date he excused himself to the restroom only to come out butt-naked with an erection. I’m not sure what sign he was, but he most definitely could have been a Scorpio. Rein that sexual energy in, folks!

Don’t be flighty! You’re truly a social butterfly and love to scatter your energy everywhere. Your spontaneous and fun, however, with this you can easily be too independent and changeable. Don’t flake out on plans with your sweetie or a new date. This will most definitely be a turn-off because it will show you aren’t reliable. I had a Sagittarian guy make plans with me New Years Eve one year and he completely went MIA on me. This is just rude and inconsiderate. Do your best to stick to plans!
You’re very responsible, Capricorn. You want everything to be in working order all the time and that can lead to an excessive amount of over explaining and even controlling situations. If you want your date to meet you at 8pm at your house, just simply say that. Going into detail  about why you need them there at 8pm isn’t important. He or she doesn’t need to know that your dog has a grooming appointment and needs to be picked up by 7p. We realize you’re being overly efficient, but half the time most people will tune out the information they don’t need, so you’re just wasting your breath. Remember the K.I.S.S. concept when communicating plans- Keep it simple, stupid! Or for my girls: Keep it simple, sista!
You can easily be wrapped up in causes for a higher good. When you’re on date, don’t open that PETA email that just popped up on your blackberry. Your sweetie will begin to think your messages are more important than them. Try to live in the moment, and leave your iphone or blackberry out of the picture for a bit. I’m a huge one with this. It drives my boyfriend nuts that I’m always on my phone. But let’s face it, it’s normal for us, Aquarians. We’re ruled by the planet that rules technology! Just be sure to tone it down around your loved one or crush or they may find your very rude.
Your dreamy nature easily allows you to be in your own little world. Sometimes your sweetie or crush could wonder if you’re even listening. When you’re on a new date or out with your sweetie, try to snap into reality. And be careful of wearing your heart on your sleeve too quickly in relationships. Take off those rose-colored glasses once in awhile!
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