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Being a passenger in a plane

This dream can be mundane or remarkable, since some people are ambivalent toward flying while many others hold an irrational fear of flying. In America, it is a well- known fact among football fans that announcer John Madden never flies-he travels around the country by bus. Many people share his aversion, even those who dream of flying. In this case, it is an attempt by one part of the psyche to quell perceived irrationality in another part.

Dreams about flying as a passenger may hold a great sense of adventure for the dreamer. This can be due to the journey, the speed, or the destinations available through air travel.

Also, it may be due to potential dangers, such as hijacking, which the dreamer may heroically overcome.

Piloting a plane

Dreams about flying in a plane as the pilot vary tremendously. Is the dreamer a competent person either in sleep or waking? This may indicate a sense of control over circumstances.

Does the plane crash? This may reveal a sense of inadequacy or incompetence.

Who are the passengers on the plane? This may reveal who you feel responsible for in life, with your flight skills revealing your sense of how well you are fulfilling those responsibilities. If you are piloting the plane, are you competent to do so or are you overwhelmed by the responsibility?

Do the other passengers accept, ignore, disdain your presence?

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