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Lying is supposed to be a taboo experience. Early human history held lying as a sacred act of transgression that was not just interpersonal, but against the gods, the fates, or the cosmos. However, sociological research has found that the lie is losing much of its taboo power. Many people are adopting a fast and loose attitude with the truth in order to fulfill or protect their self image.

Thus, interpreting dreams about lies depend a lot on where you stand with the truth in waking life. If you feel ashamed to lie, the lying dream may indicate that you are being less than genuine in a particular facet of your waking life. This may also indicate guilt in a transaction that has been ignored rather than resolved.

If you are fairly comfortable lying in waking life, then your dream is probably showing you a weakness in some area that needs to be compensated. How you choose to do this will be your business. Quite probably, you are more concerned about how others perceive you than the actual appreciation of yourself for who you are. This is especially true if your dreaming lies are being discovered.

Are you regularly lying to a particular person in waking life?

Do you find yourself exaggerating the truth or outright lying to win acceptance from others in waking life?

Do you feel others are intentionally deceiving you concerning their motives or intentions?

Is there an inner self that you feel would not be embraced if people knew you too well?

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