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Dreaming about pets is not uncommon, as they fill our lives much as family members (and often we like them a good bit more than family members!). Dreams involving pets often provide simple companionship for the other actions in the dream. However, there may be pet dreams that are either particularly meaningful or troubling.

Acquiring a pet that you do not have in waking life is a pet dream that may reflect your desire to have an animal. However, the dream could include an element of representation if owning the pet is symbolic of some other relationship in life. What kind of pet you acquire could be telling (see animals).

The death of a pet is another particular type of dream in this genre. This dream could symbolize an anxiety if the pet still alive in waking life. However, if the pet has died, it could be a dream of archetypal shift or a particular rite of passage that accompanied that time in your life. You may be recalling that shift or preparing for another one as you move forward.

The third type of pet dream involves having pets that either you have no desire to own or never have owned in waking life. These dreams are important for what the animals symbolize to you in waking life. For instance, you may dream of owning a snake as a pet, yet in waking life you are horribly afraid of snakes. This may project a desire to overcome or control a particular facet of your life depending on what that animal represents to you.

What role did the pet in your dream play-was it there for companionship, to impress someone, or just to shake things up a novelty?

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