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Windows often show a world that is possible, but not being directly experienced. The windows can be tricky, because they can reveal something we cannot experience directly. This can infer frustration, protection, or illusion in the dream. If dreaming of confinement, the window may expose a very desirable person or setting that we cannot experience directly. This is a common event in life.

If the environment outside the window looks hostile, and you can get to the other side of the window to experience it, you may find you have been tricked. Windows in dreams sometimes show one thing, but the actual experience is something quite different. It may be time for you to overcome your anxiety and experience life directly rather than watching it go by. If the converse is true, and a pastoral window scene yields a troubled reality, you may feel as though life is deceptive in some area.

The window may be a passage from this world to others. Dreams of this nature are common among those who pursue astral projection or out-of-body experiences. Windows of this kind may be revealing potential realities for you to experience. Did you open a window in your dream, walk by one without looking, or close a window? Were the images on the other side of the window clear or murky?

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