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The Ego's interpretation of a Dream vs. The Self's Meaning of a Dream.

by Cathy Pagano April 22, 2010 10:00 PM EST
The Ego's interpretation of a Dream vs. The Self's Meaning of a Dream.
Interpreting our dreams is hard, since we rarely understand the language of dreams.  As I've said before, the universal language of dreams is the language of the Imagination.  When we first learn some dream interpretation, whether from a book or from a lecture, we often like to make the dream fit our situation rather than understanding that the dream is an entirely different perspective on our life situation.  As this woman told me after we worked on her dream, "We make the answer fit the situation, instead of just letting the answer be the answer."

Here is the dream.

“I am kneeling on the bare-back of a white horse (not bright white, but very light colored ... he has a long coat as if he still has his winter coat, although it didn’t seem to be winter.) As I decide to shift from a kneeling position to a straddling position, I get a little off balance as I shifted my legs, so the horse ... on his own, walks over to a wooden post that is high enough for me to put my toe on and rebalance and get situated. As soon as I am settled, he starts walking again. (this horse is very gentle, older, as if he has been caring for me for a long time.) As he carries me, I get very sleepy and start to slump, and begin to slip ... he once again finds a place (a set of stairs) for me to reach with my foot so I can re-settle myself (without getting off). I wonder why I don’t just get off and get back on, and then I think I probably wouldn’t have enough energy to do this even though I know how to mount and dismount.  The horse seems to know this instinctively ... I realize I must be sick or injured; it is that type of extreme sleepy-ness when I keep falling off. I am very thankful for his gentle and caring spirit ... I feel protected.
Now I notice that we seem to be traveling through old time villages and are on a long journey ... He is leading me at all times and in control, the horse seems very wise and I know I can trust him to see me safely through ... I feel very blessed to have him.”
This woman's interpretation was: I am trying to move forward, and move on from a situation I’ve been in for a long time now, I’m very bold as I start off in a position of kneeling on the horses back … and when I actually try to settle into the new situation (straddle the horse), I tend to lose balance and am at risk of falling off.  Kind of like falling off the wagon and going back to my old situation. The horse is showing me that all I need to do is balance and help me with this. I feel like the horse is my guide, he is watching over me even as I sleep through my own journey. He doesn’t want me to dismount because he knows I won’t have the power to get back on, I will be right back in the same situation I’ve been in.
This is an example, as she says, of making the answer fit the situation.

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Now, if we look at the dream from a more archetypal perspective, we might get another perspective on this woman's 'long journey'.  A white horse is a symbol of unconscious vital life force or power.  We used to say a car had horse-power, meaning a power of movement and speed.  Horse symbolizes both physical power and spiritual power. The white horse especially symbolizes spiritual power as an ability to become conscious.  And horses symbolize the energy that takes the shaman into other worlds to find answers.
So this is a spirit horse and very much a part of this woman's makeup, her impulse to become conscious.  He's been with her a long time and protects her in all situations, even those where she feels she falls 'right back in the same situation I've been in'.  In our culture, we tend to forget that we need to 'fall back' into situations so we can learn about them.  When we've learned our lessons, we can move on. This horse, the instinctual ability to become conscious of our life's situations, keeps her on target, even when her ego starts to fall asleep.  The ego has been 'sick or injured' indicating that it was making unhealthy choices, but this woman's spiritual essence is helping her learn how to stay balanced and connected to her essential Self.
On another level, this woman can probably use this shamanic energy to heal herself and heal others.  Her ego might be asleep to what she is capable of, but her soul knows that she has power -- the power to become a conscious human being and travel, like a shaman, to other dimensions to find the answers to her personal problems.
As you can see, an archetypal understanding of the dream adds depth and meaning way beyond what the intellect and the ego (which is symbolized as asleep) can come up with. So remember, go deeper with your dream interpretation and you’ll be well rewarded.
Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams
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