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Exalted Jupiter: A Good Thing? Or too Much of A Good Thing?

by Saraswati J. Miller May 08, 2014 12:41 AM EST
Exalted Jupiter: A Good Thing? Or too Much of A Good Thing? Getty Images
Who is Jupiter and why does he matter?

Jupiter (or guru in Sanskrit) is undeniably the most benefic planet. And though too much of a good thing is a real thing, most of us welcome his gracious behaviors at every turn. He is expansive, unlike Saturn who contracts. He wants peace, whereas Mars wants action and war. He brings knowledge and wisdom, learning from the scriptures, from teachers and from the grace of the guru. These are divine blessings indeed! Jupiter also relates to akasha (the space/ether element) and is therefore all-pervasive. He offers that level of expansion, the ever growing kind. The presence of Jupiter is peaceful, benevolent and he would rather win over his opponents with goodness, nonviolence and prayers, rather than fight, ruffle feathers or use violence of any kind. These are traits our society could use a lot more of these days.

Fortunately for us, we will be seeing these blessings of Jupiter increase over the next twelve months as he moves to Cancer, his sign of exaltation, on June 18th. And since we haven't seen this transit occur in over twelve years (since 2003), we can each expect a unique boost in the coming months. (Jupiter's transits are roughly one year each and there are twelve signs in the zodiac, thus it takes twelve years for his full cycle around the zodiac). No matter the type of expansion and increase, for most of us, this will be of the delightful variety. Jupiter is of course connected to luck, grace, blessings, wealth as he is known for his generosity and giving.

It is through sattva, purity, that Jupiter gives his blessings; all things pure like dharma, truth, and the light of pure knowledge. As devaguru (teacher to the gods) he guides us to the higher realms and empowers the positive tendencies of the mind. He has the ability to transform the asuras (demons) within us with his pure and persuasive wisdom. As the Mundaka Upanishads state so aptly, Satyameva Jayate, truth alone triumphs.

What Can We Expect From Jupiter's Exaltation This Year?

Each transit is very much an individual experience as each jyotish chart is a unique, highly complex organism (as expressed in each unique individual on the planet!) And though Jupiter's exaltation will effect us each in very different ways, there are some unified experiences that will be felt for us as a whole. It is important to note though that even something like expanding wisdom and knowledge, is not always comfortable- especially if it makes your old ways and habits obsolete and highly uncomfortable. For others, Jupiter's exaltation may provide too much support, and may cause issues as a result. We all know that even winning the lottery has multiple down sides and too much sugar rots your teeth and gut.

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Wherever Jupiter shows up there is increase and expansion. He encourages that growth as any good teacher would. If he sits with Venus, creativity and relationships tend to prove helpful and expansive. If he sits with Mercury, writing, mental growth and communication are given wisdom for increased success. Issues arise, however, when Jupiter sits with Rahu. Rahu, the north node/shadow planet and Mr. Mischief, ruins Jupiter's spiritual leanings and pristine tendencies. Rahu is chaos and deception whereas Jupiter is truth and honesty. Their energies oppose each other. Look at your chart to see what values might increase in the coming months for you based on what planets Jupiter is connected to in your natal chart.

When looking at your own chart, first locate the sign of Cancer. This is where Jupiter will be effecting you the most intensely over the coming months. What house is Cancer in and do you have any natal planets there that will effect the transit as well? Will he be transiting your first house? Expect a spectrum of increased self wisdom, personal growth and people to notice this. Is he transiting your tenth house? He will offer extra support and expansion with your career whether you want it or not! And since all of us are working with the theme of balance right now as Saturn and Rahu transit Libra, the increases of exalted Jupiter will provide yet another opportunity for each of us to achieve some new sense of personal balance and harmony as a result of all the extra comfort, support, expansion etc. And that is indeed a good thing!

Cancer is a sign of heart and emotion. It is connected to the fourth house and therefore is connected to all matters of the fourth house as well. This includes land, home, heart, mother, emotions, moksha, happiness, heart, lungs and the chest. When Jupiter exalts here he amplifies these parts of ourselves and can provide us with support in these areas. But because Jupiter is also Kapha, heavy, and connected to the lubrication within the body's channels, we also have to be mindful of the "too much of a good thing" reminder on a physical level as well. Too much dairy, can cause excess phlegm or excess kapha dosha. Too much fat can clog the arteries and channels that lead to the heart. Excess phlegm in the lungs can cause a chest cold or pneumonia. These are excesses to be aware of during this transit.

It is interesting to note that the emotions and the heart play a predominant role in our health and well being. Since Cancer is also ruled by the Moon (Cancer is its own sign), many themes connected to emotional health and well being will be enlivened this year. With Jupiter in Cancer, we will each have an opportunity to grow emotionally, expand our heart and emotional capacity, and to find a new inner wisdom with the emotional body- if we choose to listen and expand in this direction. This is an exciting idea for moon-centered beings like myself!

The overall experience of Jupiter is progressive, forward moving, expansive and supportive. There will be about four months where he retrogrades (an exalted planet in retrograde motion is considered debilitated) and this will be a time period of "emotional cleanup" we could say. Since all the major planets are moving this year, we are in for growth and change on multiple levels. Jupiter moves June 18th, followed by the shadow nodes, Rahu and Ketu July 12th. We still are working with an unusual dance of retrograde and direct Mars moving between Virgo and Libra until September. Finally, we will see perhaps the most major shift of all occur when Saturn moves to Scorpio November 2nd.

The planets remind us that life is in constant flux and flow, and life changes are inevitable. I will address the finer details of Jupiter's transit with regard to some of these other transits, as well as the nakshatras he will be transiting, in the second half of my Exalted Jupiter article.
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