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Feng Shui Earth

Feng Shui Earth

You are an Earth personality. Earth character traits are stability, practicality, reliability, industriousness, empathy, honesty and prudence. Earth emotions and qualities are pensiveness, worry, thoughtfulness, instinctive awareness and reflection. An Earth type values friendship and has a reputation for being nurturing and grounded. In Feng Shui, you love a comfortable, cozy room with thick rugs, stuffed furniture and fancy decorations. But you can tend to collect too many objects and create clutter. When you are out of balance, don't start collecting and hoarding things, trying to get a sense of security by surrounding yourself with stuff.

Ways to Succeed

Your challenge is to honor your sympathetic nature and experience empathy with others. But you should learn how to do this with clear boundaries. When balanced, you can take care of yourself, not just others. You will succeed by meditating and nourishing yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. A strong earth element will help you accept life's situations and expand your circle of knowledge.

Earth Traits

Emotion: Sympathy

Planet: Saturn

Chinese astrology signs: All twelve signs are of the element Earth, because they are called The Earthly Branches

Direction: The center

Season: The last 18 days of each of the four seasons, the times of transition.

Climate: Damp

Feng Shui landscape: Small mountain with a flat-top peak, like a mesa.

Feng Shui building shape: A flat roof atop a square or rectangular structure.

Room: Dining

Objects: All types of earthenware, containers, and vases, as well as ceramic pieces, clay tiles, bricks, and adobe. Visual art that depicts earthy landscape such as fields and natural environments represent earth, as do yellow, ochre and gold colors. Symbol:

Black and white yin-yang symbol

Feng Shui Tip for Love

You want Earth in your relationships: secure, comfortable and stable. Use cozy textures and fabrics on your bed. A nice plush rug with thick ply is ideal in your bedroom. The color gold is lucky for you, so add gold items to your love corner (the far right from a room's entry). Pure beeswax candles are ideal for your love corner as well.

Orient to the Orient

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