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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Remedies to Rock Your World

by Ellen Whitehurst February 07, 2011 04:58 PM EST
Feng Shui Remedies to Rock Your World

In the Feng Shui tradition, there are believed to be five different kinds of luck. Principal among them is something called 'Heaven Luck.' This is your individual destiny, or where the stars, Moon and all the planets were situated at the exact moment of your birth. The last bit of luck on this list is called, what else, Feng Shui ... otherwise known as the informed ability and opportunity to transcend any personal planetary event predicated by what's happening high in the heavens above. This supposition says that Feng Shui trumps astrology. I say let's blend both to keep our head in the clouds but our feats filled with fortune while walking in rhythm on solid ground. Discover which remedy will rock your world -- according to Sun sign!
You are ambitious, restless and perfectly at home at the head of the pack. Always aiming to accomplish, you often leave the rest of us in the wake of your brilliant smoke. Puff puff. You're the superhuman sign, but even without x-ray vision it's plain to see that time for reflection and restoration rarely makes it onto your calendar. C'mon, even energetic you needs to recharge your batteries and revive your spirit every solitary once in awhile. Take two cups of Epsom salts and the peels from three oranges torn into small pieces, and put them in a warm bath. Soak for 20 minutes. Rested. Refreshed. Ready. Get on your mark, get ready ... Go! 
You love to go where everybody knows your name. Not too hard to do since you are usually the life of the party. The sexy, sensuous and oh-so-stubborn life of the party, that is. A study in contrast and dichotomy of sorts, five-star hotels know your tastes, as does the watering hole on the corner. You like fancy, but lowbrow is fine. We're happy to hang on your every word, and you're thrilled to give us that rope. But when you do give that word, we know it's for keeps. Loyal and loveable, your feelings are often easily hurt by those who don't embrace your same high standards. Not averse to speaking your peace, sometimes you need to smooth things over too. On a piece of white paper, write -- with a red pen -- the name of anyone you've had an incident with recently. Put the paper in a small jar and cover it with honey. Tightly close the lid and leave it in the kitchen for nine consecutive days. Not only do you attract more flies this way but you'll seriously flirt with forgiveness and a renewed friendship as well.
You're pointed and sharp with a laser-like ability to focus. But all work and no play can dull Gemini's edge. Footloose and fancy free is more your style, with spontaneity and stimulation pulling up that rear. You're a storyteller with a hankering for sightseeing -- all eyes and ears offering sweet traveling tweets for the rest of us. Born in a month that heralds both graduations and brides, you love to learn ... and then share what you glean with anyone who will listen. Divide your bedroom into a tic-tac-toe board and put a globe in the far back middle or center of that space. The world is your oyster. Time to come out and play, and don't forget the champagne.
Nurturing and sensitive, sometimes shy but strong-willed, you often carry the weight of your world on your back. You are a homebody without the homeboys. Clearly, your house is your haven, so take time to make it even more heavenly. Put a pair of pink candles anywhere in the back right-hand corner of your bedroom and let them burn whenever you feel the urge to merge. Many traditions maintain that pink is the color of love. And a pair, well, a pair hooks you up with the energies of amour. C'mon, baby, light your fire. Then let someone else do the very same thing. Now, that's hot.
Of course you have courage! You have to in order to stand under the spotlight as much as you do. In fact, you have more courage in your little den than some of the rest of us do in our whole house! Speaking of the house, put a picture of a shining Sun somewhere in the way back center or back middle of the main floor of your living space. As if your future weren't bright enough already, this will activate the energies that bring big recognition and rewards. I guess there really is no place like home -- except for when you're in the limelight where you so purrfectly belong. 
Love's labors aren't lost on you. In fact, a rose by any other name could still be called labor to you because of your dedication to getting the job done. And done to perfection. Energized, organized and enthusiastic, your attention to detail puts us all to shame. You can analyze a situation and size it up in a shake, without ever uttering a whine. Industrious, you conserve your energy for those tasks that deserve it the most. How green of you! Never one to forego any opportunity, be sure you never miss one knocking by hanging a six-rod metal wind chime at your front door. While you're at it, make sure the doorbell's in working order as well. Good stuff is calling!
In your fair and balanced world, everyone gets the benefit. Incredibly individual with a predisposition to partnering, it's a good thing that lovely Venus keeps such a close and watchful eye on you. That means that one of you can toss the rose-colored glasses too. Unless, of course, you're toasting those stress-filled negotiations you just single-handedly steered to success. Both persuasive and pretty, you're likeability factor is hot off the charts. Hang a decorative mirror in the 'Helpful People' corner of your main floor (divide into a tic-tac-toe board and locate lower-right hand area and you're there!) No need to reflect on 'Who's the fairest of them all?' We already know.
You are the single-most sensual sign around and have the swagger to prove it. In fact, that dangerous duo, subversive and sexy, keeps tabs on almost your every move -- but that doesn't mean you tend to pick one up. The tab that is. You have an inherent ability to shake your moneymaker, and everyone else's too. You can boost a bank account quicker than the rest of us can say 'infinitely intuitive.' Your still waters and your accounting abilities both run really, really deep. Put one gold dollar coin on the floor in each corner of your dining room. Your waters might run deep, but you simply won't believe what this can do for your pockets. 
Ever the optimist, you are the deep-thinking communicator of the zodiac. You always have a whale-of-a-story to tell, but you are clearly never a blowhard nor do you ever fabricate when sending messages out through the blowhole. With an unfaltering internal compass, you always aim for smooth sailing -- and the horizon. The sky's the limit as you eternally expect only the best outcome in every situation. With seemingly endless energy and the ability to change black to white, you color all of our worlds by your very presents (spelling intended). Do keep your kitchen -- the area where all yang energies originate -- bright, clean and well-lit. Put a big bowl of fresh, ripe apples on the table so that peace and harmony gravitate toward you.
Capricorns have an almost magical ability to link the past and the present to their fabulous future. You are a walking, talking bridge bringing feelings, actions and, ultimately, positive outcomes that enhance whatever you put your active imagination to. And usually these actions stem from something that caused pain in the past but that you've transformed so that it can lend plenty to your tomorrow. You truly are the author of your own life and we like the way you write. Choices and opportunities flow when there is moving water directly inside the front door. Put a picture of -- or even an actual -- fish in that entryway and welcome a favorable finale to a great new beginning.
Imaginative, inventive, ingenuous and idiosyncratic, one might think it's always all about the 'I' with you, but nothing could be further from your resourceful, quirky and completely original truth. You are the visionary who can see far into the future in order to make the present more peaceful and prosperous for all the rest of us. However, being easy on the 'I's does open plenty of doors for your entrepreneurial, enterprising and stunning self. But once you get a foot over those thresholds, watch out for anyone who underrates your intelligence or your strength. Every once in a while you have to stop answering emails or studying secret information in order to get out into the wide world. Walking briskly out of doors while intoning an appropriate affirmation for at least 20 minutes a few times a week will do you more good than almost any other cure I can think of. Take next steps and then take 27 'I now express the Divine Idea in my mind, body and affairs' -- and call me in the morning. 
With overflowing compassion, you dream the big dream and the world becomes a better place for it. We are lucky to have you in our lives. Spiritual, special and filled with philosophy, you nurture all of our souls. Quiet and contemplative, your subconscious is the place in which you are most at home. But when the mood strikes, you extend the invite for us to come and hang in your living room too. And though you feel no special need to impress, you leave an indelible mark just the same. You're easy to love and hard to forget. But carrying the weight of the world can sometimes be a big pain in your neck. Add six drops each of both peppermint and wintergreen essential oils to a quarter cup of olive oil and rub on your shoulders, upper back and neck. Deep relief for a compassionate soul.  

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