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The Fineprint- Virgo Boss

by Jo Tracey September 05, 2010 04:17 AM EST
Last week I wrote about Virgo in the workplace. I am, this week, about as far away from being in touch with my inner Virgo as it is possible to be!
My house needs a darn good clean from top to bottom, my garden could quite easily support a small herd of goats on agistment. Just last week when attempting to clean my desk at work, I found a mountain of unclaimed taxi dockets from my last business trip to Hong Kong which, given it was back at Easter, are now un-claimable. As for my study at home, the less said about the state of that, the better. My books are again breeding, the bills haven’t been filed in months and somehow an entire teams worth of over 35s soccer jerseys have found their way into my home office. As a result, I feel completely overwhelmed and out of control. Creativity has dried up and I am in danger of working my way through my video collection as a way of procrastinating around what Must Be Done.
This is the reason Virgo does what she does- by organising herself she is able to make sense and achieve some sort of comfort and result in what is chaos. Which is why, rather than re-inventing the wheel, you get today the post on Virgo Boss that I submitted this time last year...in all of its well organised (yes, I am kidding myself) and under-valued glory.
So, in true Virgo fashion, with a view only to serve, here goes... with full Piscean apologies for any offense caused to my Virgo friends, Virgo bosses and potential Virgo bosses the world over:
When Virgo achieves a position of leadership, be assured she will lead by example. A superb tactician & statistician, Virgo has the data, detachment and detail required to close a stagnating deal or agree revised service levels on a non profitable contract. The ability to separate goals from empathy in this regard is truly remarkable. You may cringe, but can’t deny the efficiency.
However, Virgo does tend to be task orientated rather than strategically or big picture focused. As a result no matter how practical and hardworking she is, Virgo leaders (as opposed to Virgo Managers) are a rare breed indeed. Virgo dislikes the emotional responsibility of staff and avoids delegation where ever possible- if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well, and rarely can a task be completed so completely than by Virgo.
Virgo boss is easily worried by chaos, systems which are compromised and technology which is not working at maximum efficiency. If she selects her team for neatness, organisational capability and workaholic tendencies, she will thrive. Careless mistakes and sloppy work have no place in a Virgo workplace.
Given a juicy problem, Virgo boss will not give up until she has found the solution- her analytical mind needs the challenge of puzzle solving. She does need to ensure that she doesn’t spend so much time on detail and issues which are unimportant in the larger picture. Her tendency to focus on irrelevancies may distract her from developing strategies for business growth. The whole “missing the forest for the trees” concept.
She assumes that her employees will also be as keen to achieve perfection as she is. But few people identify as closely with work as she does. Virgo boss needs to be mindful of the needs outside the workplace of her employees and understand that not everyone can so successfully separate duty and responsibility from life and commitments outside the workplace. 
Virgo boss likes routine and thrives in smaller companies that don’t have the distractions of endless politics and unscheduled meetings- in this regard, she is only too happy to delegate these duties to others! A smaller organisation allows her to add the value she is capable of, without overloading her with additional corporate processes and procedures.
Few leaders achieve as much or work as hard as Virgo. Few leaders are as prone to nervous exhaustion as Virgo. If she can control that over-critical eye and concentrate on the positives rather than the perceived weaknesses, she can work well with a team. Whilst she might look for areas of improvement within herself, excessive criticality can demoralise and disengage employees very quickly- in which case more of the responsibility falls onto the shoulders of Virgo. It is at this point that work becomes dutiful rather than satisfying. The challenge for Virgo is to learn when to let go and find herself and her life outside of work- it is at this point that getting out of bed on Mondays can (almost) become enjoyable again.
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