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Full Moon Horoscopes: Mantras for Your Sun Sign

by Chani Nicholas May 12, 2014 03:22 AM EST
Full Moon Horoscopes: Mantras for Your Sun Sign Getty Images

Aries & Aries Rising

As your ruling planet, Mars, is winding down to turn direct next week, we know the pace of your life is about to change (read: move faster). Much of your desires around relationships have shifted. Your ability to discern what really worth your energy has become clearer. This feels like a moment of shedding the old romantic notions and inviting in substantial and weighty alternatives. Wednesday’s full Moon occurs in your Eighth House of deep release and all inevitable endings; Venus in Aries is playing Madame Mischief with the Uranus/Pluto square. This means that you are still one to watch, and that the way in which you relate, feel, connect and combine is undergoing a transformation of some kind. An out-of-the-blue romantic tousle could be something headed your way. But what might be much more interesting is your own reinvigorated sense of self. This is not to say that the days ahead won’t be filled with some touchy material (perhaps even downright disruptive), but in the chaos there is a kernel of truth awaiting you. It’s a truth that is revelatory in its essence and it means making this your Full Moon Declaration: My self-worth stands apart from anyone’s interpretation of who I should be. I allow the unhealthy images that I have consumed to be purged from my psyche. In their place, I plant embodied, empowered and emboldened images of myself shining with the light of my own unique beauty. I reclaim the stolen land of my body and embrace it like a parent embraces the return of a lost child. My power lies in the refusal of what does not feed me and in the inclusion of what does. I make deliberate steps towards affirming myself. I am not afraid to let go of the false tools of power, they hold no meaning for me. I embrace true power: self affirmation. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising

This week brings you a much needed moment of truth. Note that I said needed, not fun. This is all circumstantial, as you might even be in a position to have a little fun with this. Wednesday’s full Moon lands in your Seventh House of partnerships and pairings and has you contemplating how you love whom you love. I know that for many of you this week brings graduation ceremonies, caps, gowns and a deep sigh of relief. This may lead you to reevaluate your ties to those that you’ve spent the past years with. However, whether or not you are graduating per say there is a feeling of crossing a threshold for all of you. This threshold may have something to do with setting boundaries, honoring commitments, clarifying agreements made under less emotionally stable times. Or it can be simply honoring the time that you have spent with your significant others. It feels like a deeply reflective moment between you and all those that you have shared intense periods of time with. It feels appropriate to honor that with a ceremony of some sort. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be elaborate, and it doesn’t even have to be known to the others. It just seems like it’s time to put a marker down, as if to say “We got this far and I am grateful.” Full Moon Declaration: I honor the shape that my relationships take by stopping for long enough to appreciate their beauty. Time is so fleeting and the only way to slow it down is to be present. So I practice presence, especially when I am in the company of others. I practice listening without thinking of my response. I practice seeing without my preferences. I practice giving myself to the moment. Again and again.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Wednesday’s full Moon occurs in your Sixth House of health and service. This Moon has a deeply contemplative nature to it. Use this energy to consider the kind of things that your body might need from you at this moment, specifically in terms of your routines. Taking time to nurture yourself with some good, old-fashioned self-care routines is highly recommended. It’s easy to fly above the body in a pure mental mania most days, making checking in with one’s body a revelatory act. This kind of reflective mindfulness will help you deal with any work issues that may tend to surface this week. Remember that she who hesitates to be Boss, gets bossed. Your real employer is the force that created you, not some human being with the checkbook. The other component to this week is about being brave enough to be honest in some of your friendships. This has a lot to do with roles that you may hold in terms of your positions in the group. If those positions aren’t really working for you, then you're going to be encouraged to get incredibly honest about your feelings this week. If they are working for you, then it looks like you're well poised for an exciting new and unforeseen opportunity that is coming your way. Full Moon Declaration: I allow myself the luxury of slowing down. I give myself the gift of sinking into this moment. I welcome pauses often during my day. When I pause I consider what my body might need, what might help me feel more grounded and what would be the most loving way to honor myself in the moment. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

We are still on the topic of risking it all. I want to challenge you to risk it by being deeply aware and present with what you are doing. In many ways this week wants you to sink into the rightness of what is; not in a way that evades the problems at hand but in ways that lead you to your own self-worth. Nothing outside of you can grant you this knowing. Nothing outside of you can grant you the experience of being connected to yourself. Only feeling into this moment here and now can afford you the luxury of being right with yourself, which is the root of your authority. When you have access to this you have access to your power. When you have access to your power you have the experience of knowing that you need not try and control anything. Your only job is to understand where you stand in relationship to how you are valuing yourself and how you are affirming your position in the moment. Contemplate your willingness to affirm your creative potential. Contemplate your willingness to express your truth. Contemplate your willingness to affirm your sexual power and your sexual integrity. Contemplate the fact that getting everything in your life in order won’t make you feel any better, but getting your inner world in order will naturally smooth out all the outer details. Wednesday’s full moon blooms in your Fifth House of creative self expression. I want you to put your mindful awareness here. With more exciting awakenings happening in your career in the coming weeks, it’s high time you anchor the energy by honoring yourself as much as you honor any real or imagined achievements. Full Moon Declaration: Because I stand in this moment I know that it is the only moment that I need to stand in. I do so with the full force of my being, unafraid and unashamed. Creative genius lives in this moment, so I quiet myself so that I might hear its discontent and be folded into its generous embrace. I do not ask for permission from the very forces that would rather buy my ideas and package them as their own instead of celebrating uniqueness believing in their own. I take hold of this moment and it holds me back tightly, firmly and feverishly. 

Leo & Leo Rising

Your ruling cosmic body, the sun, is burning bright in your Tenth House of career and all things public. This should have you feeling happily honed into the right frequency. However Wednesday’s full moon is asking that you understand why you do what you do. There is a deep consideration and contemplation about what home is, where you find it and how you develop it. It’s important to meditate on what brings you a sense of security and how you can drop your anchor into deeper waters. Even though you are shining bright out in the world you real sense of accomplishment is coming from your relationship to your inner world. The other component to this week involves either a teacher, a journey or a philosophy that allows you to break open your previously known realities and think outside the box. This is a fascinating combinations because thinking is just one component of this process, valuing is the other. What we value and how we cultivate valuing is all eschew in this world of corporate sponsorship. I would use part of this week to consider how your thinking process has changed: how you have been able to reclaim different aspects of your mind and how you are in relationship with your thoughts. Feeling and thinking are far from separate. The less threatened you feel the more apt you are to think empowering thoughts. You can’t manifest from a place of lack and you can’t rely on TV to supply you with a sense of abundance. You have to get yourself there by carving out your own path and then learn how to return again and again until you finally allow yourself to stay. Full Moon Declaration: I honor my home and all the creatures and beings that share that space with me. I honor my home by lovingly creating space for myself to reflect and contemplate my eternal and unchanging nature. My spirit was never born and cannot die. I take time to remember, honor and value this aspect of myself. 

Virgo &Virgo Rising

Wednesday’s full Moon blooms in your Third House of communication, but it does not do so alone. This stealth Moon is borrowing sturdiness from secretive Saturn in Scorpio and bearing the gifts of contemplation and consideration. The Third House is a domain of life that involves our daily movements our business dealings, contracts signed and verbal agreements spoken. Be conscientious about the ones that you make this week. Your words bear considerable weight right now and I don’t want you to waste any syllables or silly sentences just because you are at a loss for words. Consider what it is you are agreeing to and whenever you need to declare out right or make an excuse for the fact that you need more time to think. Be okay with silence, make room for it, embrace it and appreciate its fleeting comforts and discomforts. You may be asked, or it may become clear that a relationship is on its way out or that you have given (yet again) too many of your resources away free of charge but at a great experience to your energetic make-up. CALL YOUR ENERGY BACK. Do not leave yourself out on a limb or twirling about in the wind. This is your life; this is your precious energy. Do not leave it laying about for robbers and looters to steal at will. Respect yourself and all that you carry with you. Full Moon Declaration: I create agreements not only with others but with myself and the universe every time I speak. Therefore, I do so with great care and respect for my energy, for my life and for all involved. I am not hesitant but I am conscious of what I am doing and saying. I trust myself and my words are deliberate, concise and supportive of my evolution and growth. 

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Libra & Libra Rising 

It feels like there is a lot turning over in you, like all of the churning and burning of the last eight months is starting to make some sense. There may even be some relief in sight mostly due to the fact that you have become much clearer on what you actually desire and why. You have been under a personal initiation of sorts. Although you are still gathering information about the direction that you need to take in the next months, it’s easier to understand the options in front of you. Wednesday’s full Moon takes place in your Second House of material girl realness; a financial matter could most likely come to fruition but it’s not without hefty consequence and a reality check. What you do for money, how you trade your energy for matter has an effect on your soul and the soul of the world. If you are in integrity with how you conduct your business this Moon will be a lot more supportive. If you are out of integrity with how you make what you do, this Moon will feel a little more like a loss -- but that would only be temporary. Any supposed loss would only be the perfect opportunity for you to get in right alignment with your work. It looks like this little concoction is supported by the fact that your ruling planet, Venus, is about to pour a little gas on the fire of all your intimate relationships, this includes business partnerships. So even though your romantic affairs may be in need of reinvigoration or a complete 180, this is a week that calls us out on our BS and makes crystal clear what we value and how that effects every aspect of our lives. Take risks in your intimate exchanges, show people who you really are. Full Moon Declaration: I allow my truth to enter into all of my relationships. I do not need to feign pretty, I do not need to lie in order to be loved. I am adored and appreciated for my honesty and my willingness by those who truly have my back. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

"Consider" comes from the Latin "consīderāre", meaning to observe, or go with the stars. For thousands of years, we considered that what was above reflected what was below. Thousands. Now horoscopes are one of the most popular things to read and yet astrology itself is generally seen as archaic superstition. Astrology is seen this way in part because it is easily disproved by science and that is because it isn’t one. It’s a meditation; a contemplation and, yes, it hopefully gives us pause long enough to consider what our next right action could be. Wednesday’s full Moon in Scorpio delivers this sentiment to you a thousand fold. Don’t be afraid to pause, to take time, to stop the glorification of busy. Feel your feelings, notice your body, acknowledge your feelings and validate your experience. Your ruling planet, Mars, is so close to ending its retrograde cycle. It’s so much closer to entering your sign and finally leaving your Twelfth House of endings and undoings. This all means that you are very close to a type of rebirth and recharge. As this Moon highlights your relationship to yourself, consider that this really is the most important thing you could do at this moment. What do you need to consider so that you might go with the direction of the stars? The other important factor to note is that you are getting a considerable amount of help from Jupiter next week, meaning that there is a moment of integration and assistance that is on its way. I want you to be as present to it as possible. One way of doing this is to be attentive to the angels that enter your life, the blessings that stream towards you throughout the day and the gratitude with which you meet them all. Gratitude is like gas in the tank. Fill up. Full Moon Declaration: I declare that this moment is my moment to wake up to what is. I know that nothing that happens in my outer world will make me feel peaceful if I remain disconnected to myself. I honor all the reasons why it may have been unsafe for me to be present in my body in the past. As I honor those reasons I also chose to outgrow them because I deserve the experience of being in these limbs and in this heart and full down to my toes. I know good things are coming to me, I hear their rumblings and I make space for their arrival. I make space by clearing a path of deep gratitude and graciousness in my heart so that all the goodness knows that it is welcome here.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Remember all the creative brilliance that I was waxing poetic about last week? Well this is the week for its manifestation. Bearing in mind that creativity is born out of chaos, this week could feel like an out of control science experiment or just the right amount of wowzas. It’s not all happening on the external plane though. There is a call from deep within you to firm up your psychic boundaries and (re)commit to your spiritual practices. There is magic to be done here. There are elements to transmute. There is erotic, sexy, wild and inventive energy afoot and if you don’t reign in your squarely bits they could start running amok. What a waste of this potent potion! Wednesday’s full moon collides with Saturn in your Twelfth House of things that unravel our packaging. Saturn isn’t down with much undoing but it is the Diva of Depression when left to its own devices in that domain. The only antidote is to be Boss with your nonsense and completely disinterested in your own excuses. The Twelfth House is tricky terrain where good cops turn into devious dinosaurs and evil ogres turn out to be sweet sorcerers. The only way to know what is what is by returning back to the practices that steady you again and again. That’s the trick with meditation; the mind tells you that it isn’t working and that you are wasting your life just sitting in the same spot breath after breath. The mind wants you to go off and do 1,400 other things but if you sit and wait out the impulse this week it looks like you’ll be able to get down to one or to truly exquisite and original inspirations. Hang along long enough for this to happen. Full Moon Declaration: I sturdy myself so that I may be the best conduit possible for the erotic intelligence of the Universal Life Force to flow to me and through me. I am its Mistress. So I await it eagerly, excitedly and gratefully without even an ounce of expectation as to how this might manifest. I am just happy to be along for the ride.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Wednesday’s full Moon comes to fruition in your Eleventh House of fortune through friendships. This Moon is tied to Saturn, your ruling planet, and formidable foe to all things wishy-washy. You might not be in the mood to hang around with folks who aren’t actually in it for the long haul. You might need the comfort of folks you know are around for the right reasons. It might also be a good week to clean up your commitments with others and define what your expectations may be. There is nothing as reenergizing to a relationship as understanding in concrete terms what our own boundaries are, what’s healthy for you and what you actually want in a community. The other important piece to this week’s puzzle is to roll with the rockiness of your home/internal experience. The ground here is still shifting, but because you have been at this experience for a minute now you might just be able to catch some of the benefits that this beauty could bring. Redecorating your home could be one manifestation. However, least I start sounding like your grandmother's horoscope column, let’s take it a step further: Redecorate your inner landscape. Where there were cobwebs in the corners of your heart, where there were piles of trash in forgotten closets and where there were a myriad of other tossed aside scraps of life in the cracks and crevices of you, let there now be light. Let there now be a possibility for life. Let there now be a testament to all that you have sacrificed, lived through and over come. Let there be a dynamic revisiting, reframing and reclaiming of all that you are. Full Moon Declaration: I honor my commitments to my friends, my community and my family. If those commitments are outdated I revision them and rework them so that I can be in integrity with my energy and all I have agreed to do. I use this week for radical reclaiming of my story, especially as it pertains to my family and ancestors. I reframe my journey so that it aptly reflects the beloved child of the Universe that I am.

Aquarius &Aquarius Rising

This is it, the last full Moon in Scorpio in your Tenth House of Queen of F*cking Everything while Saturn is there, too. Well, at least for the next thirty years. Saturn, your ruling planet, has been in your Tenth House for the past two years and you’ve only had one other full moon here with that combination. It occurred last year at this time, so you can look back to see if there were any major achievements, setbacks, readjustments or challenges in your career life. The reason why thing combination is so important for you is because A) Saturn is your ruling planet so whatever it does is important to your life’s unfolding. B) Saturn in your Tenth House speaks to a kind of pinnacle moment in ones career, or a realization that we have been barking up the wrong tree or maybe the tree just slightly to the left of where we really want to go. C) You have one full Moon a year in your house of career which brings things to light, to fruition or to a visible awareness/into consciousness. All of these things lining up together only happen about twice every 30 years, so it’s not nothing. So what do we do with the information? Full Moons reveal what we have done up until this point-the doing is mostly done. So use this week as an affirmation of what has gone right and what still needs to be tweaked. You do have a great amount of innovative intelligence on your side and you can definitely use Monday and Tuesday to make some final edits and revisions to any project that you are working on before the energy of the moon peaks. All that to say we always ride the current of each Moon for a couple of weeks after it has bloomed. I will say this: the more deliberate you can be about your movements in this domain of your life the better. Full Moon Declaration: I understand the weight of this moment, so I muster up every ounce of my humor and irreverence I can get a hold of to meet it. I will not get stodgy, frumpy or frightened just because I sense that this moment needs my utmost attention, care and consideration. I show up full of joy, presence and playfulness because that is how important this business is. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising

It’s got to have meaning. It’s got to hold water. It’s got to be 1970s heavy, man, for it to impress you right now. You mean business and business digs you. I want to encourage you to take your ideas seriously as seriously as you would take those of your favorite professor, writer or thinker. You are that too, you are THAT. Don’t let your monkey mind tell you otherwise. You can keep your humility but develop your sense of self worth. You have every right to be in the company of greatness because you are that. You have every right to develop your current creative concoctions because they aren’t yours to devalue; they are only yours to parent into being. You can be discerning and nurturing at the same time. Wednesday’s full Moon reveals itself in the splendor of your Ninth House of never needing answers but always asking questions. You are seeking in the sturdiest of ways now. You are developing business models that have you working smarter not harder. You are validating your contributions to the canon of your choosing without ever waiting for anyone else to do so. There is a beautiful moment of encouragement coming your way. Do what you can to bolster yourself before that gets here so you can receive it with arms wide open. Full Moon Declaration: It is up to me and me alone to define my mind. I seize the opportunity to do so now. I know that I do not know all the answers or have all the pieces but I am committed to nourishing my thinking by reclaiming, decolonizing and rebirthing my thinking process. I affirm my ancestors’ historical ways of knowing while leaving room to revision my present process as I see fit. I encourage my mind to develop uninhibited by the pressures to consume. My philosophies inspire endless alternatives to injustice and an abundant supply of powerful and affirming statements of reclaiming. 


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